How to set all marks in manual – elecworks tips and tricks



When the project has been finished and manufactured, it is necessary to set it up as: “As built”, in order to avoid update marks automatically.


An “as built” project has the feature where all marks are not changed automatically, so the marks should be set in manual mode.

The marks can be related to:

  • Equipotentials / wire marks
  • Components
  • Cables
  • Terminals
  • ….

Currently, the only way to do this earlier, was through elecworks interface, by opening the properties of each entity one by one and set up the marking as manual.


There is another option, now. The first step is export the data to Excel file.

Export data excel elecworks

The template to use will be allobjects.xls.

Excel template elecworks

The spreadsheet created will have as many sheets as entities existing in the project.

Spreadsheet elecworks project

For this tip’s purpose, the field to change will be the manual mark in each sheet. It will be filled with “1” in all rows, in order to change the marking mode from automatic to manual.

Changing manual mark field elecworks

Note: From this excel file the descriptions or marks can be changed too and they will be updated in the project.

After changes has been done in the Excel file, the final step is to import the spreadsheet back to the project.

Import back elecworks project

For each type of entity, a tab will be shown with the changes to be done before the excel import to the project.

Tab shown changes elecworks

After checking all tabs, the process can be finished. Now, all marks are in manual mode.

Cable tab marks in manual elecworks
Manual marks setting elecworks


Import, export XLS is a big feature of elecworks but its benefits are not well known for the users. This is just an example about how to set a project in mode “as built” mode automatically, saving time, and avoiding future errors when the project is being reviewed.
Also, this feature (import- export xls) can be used for change descriptions, user data, marks, etc… in the same way as described in this tip.


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