Safety standards for electrical installations in Germany and Luxembourg

The series of standards VDE 0100

The VDE 0100 series of standards for low-voltage installations is the most important frame of reference for the electrical installation industry in Germany and Luxembourg. It concerns the installation of new electrical installations as well as modifications and extensions to existing electrical installations.

This series is very close to the series of standards IEC 60364 from which it takes up the structure and a large part of the content. It incorporates certain national specificities, in particular for calculating the admissible currents in cables (VDE 0298-4), and offers interpretations to facilitate the choice of equipment and their implementation.

The installations must be constructed in such a way as to ensure the safety of people and property (protection of people and protection of property).


The assurance of a VDE 0100 compliant installation with elec calc™ software

The calculation methods used in the elec calc™ software are based on the safety requirements for people and property as defined in the VDE 0100 series of standards. The software takes into account protection against overcurrents and short-circuits, cable sizing on the basis of the power balance established in real-time from the single-line diagram of the installation. For designers of low-voltage electrical installations in Germany and Luxembourg, this is the assurance of a safe and compliant installation.

A DC (direct current) module is available in elec calc™ for sizing parts of installations supplied by rectifiers, batteries, and rectifier/battery assemblies.

elec calc™ also has a BIM module which makes it possible to integrate the electrical project into a BIM process by favoring communication with the various stakeholders thanks to standard collaboration formats (IFC and BCF).


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