New version Archelios Pro 15.2 for more flexible and precise sizing

The new version of Archelios Pro is now available online, from 24th September 2015. This release presents many changes so as to achieve a more accurate and flexible sizing. This version Archelios pro 15.2 thus meets the expectations of users looking for full control of their projects’ release archelios pro 15.2

This Archelios pro 15.2 version includes significant improvements related to the SketchUp plugin as well as new information provided for the sizing of inverters:

Through the plugin SketchUp, the user can adjust its simulation parameters to adjust very precisely the sizing of the modules or the inverters. A new “manual configuration” wizard embedded in the SketchUp plugin allows the user to choose directly a given configuration (the inverter reference, the number of inverters, the number of strings, the number of modules by string). This is particularly useful for modeling projects which have been configured externally, for instance on the sizing tools provided by inverters’ manufacturers.

A new tool of the SketchUp plugin displays information on the calculated solar potential (irradiation) for each module in kWh per m2 per year.

The sizing visual wizards now displays numeric values. These more specific information aim at helping the users in their design process. The new apparent indicators of validity are as follows: the open circuit voltage, the voltage at the maximum power point, the short circuit current and the Inverter Rated Power over Array Peak Power  (uoc, umpp, isc, Pinv/Peak ratio).

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