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In its next edition, FISE – the most important specialized event for  the electricity industry in Colombia – will welcome 15000 visitors and 340 international exhibiting companies. Trace Software International – a leader in safe and innovative electrical engineering solutions since 1987, confirms its attendance at the event from 4 to 6 December in Medellin.

Electricity is a fundamental resource for the development of the world economy and modern society. The rising level of greenhouse gas emissions and their irreversible effects across the ecosystem remain a major source of concern. This is why governments have implemented long-term strategies to lead the way towards climate neutrality. One of them is the investment in efficient technology solutions.

FISE is the perfect opportunity to analyze the trends of the electricity industry, talk about energy efficiency, explore the latest developments in the field of renewable technologies and smart devices. Besides, the fair is a strategic platform for trade opportunities and national and international strategic alliances.

Driving business excellence through innovation and experience

Trace Software International is a leading company in the field of electrical and photovoltaic technologies. After more than 30 years, the company possesses unparalleled experience, resources, and knowledge to provide engineering professionals with state-of-the-art software solutions.

elec calc™

elec calc™ is the software for the calculation and sizing of electrical installations. It is the only solution that integrates the management of high and low voltage into the same project and in real time. This tool has unique automation features, the result of the company’s decades of experience in the industry. elec calc™ helps professionals with the optimal calculation and sizing of any electrical installation, compliance with international standards under different critical situations, apart from safety and energy efficiency.

elec calc™ BIM

elec calc™ BIM is the first software in the world that integrates the electrical calculations into the Open BIM process. It is equipped with an auto-routing feature that proposes the most suitable route to lay cables. Alternatively, the designer can decide to do this manually by choosing the preferred location. Following the placement of cables on the cable trays and ducts, the designer will have to check the compliance with specific requirements regarding the maximum degree of filling and the weight of the ducts. Also, elec calc™ BIM provides valuable help by making available data on the percentage of filling and weight of the cable routes, in addition to the complete list of cables that run them. To get this information, simply select it in the 3D viewer.

The software allows associating an object present in the 3D model with a component inserted in the single-line diagram.
The user can automatically draw the one-line scheme by using macros. In fact, it is possible to create a custom library containing a series of standard circuits, which represent how the receiver is fed, protected and controlled.

By using elec calc™ BIM, professionals can benefit from the latest in electrical calculation efficiency within the BIM process. In fact, a more rigorous and integrated design leads to lower construction costs, through less waste. Furthermore, the software allows improved risk management as it is possible to count on more reliable information.

archelios™ Suite

archelios™ Suite is a world-class software solution designed to meet the challenges of the changing global energy landscape.

Photovoltaic energy has become increasingly important. In fact, PV systems are being widely used to meet the growing demand for energy. archelios™ Suite can manage any type of photovoltaic projects, from design to operation and monitoring. The Suite consists of three main applications: archelios™ Pro, archelios™ Calc and archelios™ O&M, which helps professionals achieve maximum accuracy and high performance in all phases of a photovoltaic project: feasibility study and 3D design, electrical sizing, operation and maintenance. The Suite integration optimizes data fluidity and interoperability.


The International Electricity Industry FairFISE – is the most important specialized event of the electricity industry in the country. The event takes place every two years, in Plaza Mayor Conventions and Exhibitions of Medellin, Colombia. The first fair was held in 2006.

The Fair welcomes International exhibitors, visitors, and speakers. However the main audience come from Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.

FISE is led by the Medellin Chamber of Commerce and CIDET, and counts with the Sustainable Energy Cluster as its strategic ally. The FISE fair will have its eighth edition from 4 to 6 December 2019.

Trace Software International will welcome visitors at booth AZ-095 (Blue Stand).

The company will also hold a conference on the 4th of December. From 04.00 to 05.00 PM, Gloria Estela Restrepo – Country Manager of Colombia – will speak about the benefits BIM is bringing to the electrical and PV industries.


Trace Software – Empowering electrical solutions.
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