Manufacturer information in the cabinet layout – elecworks Tips & Tricks

Do you need manufacturer information in the cabinet layout?
With elecworks you can handle this situation as follows!


1) Create a connection label with the attributes you need. Go to Library menu>Symbols manager, select the class Miscellaneous\Connetion lables and create a new symbol that can be named Cabinet_material_label:

 elecworks connection labels attribute
The Symbol type must be Connection label. You can define the symbol as follows:

elecworks symbol type connection label
• Note: Use the top left point of the symbol as insertion point.
If necessary you can do a copy of the symbol adding a header:

elecworks symbol copy with header
2) Insert connection labels in the cabinet layout. Select the Components browser of the project:

elecworks connection labels insertion
Choose the component you need>right click>choose the option Insert connection label for components:

elecworks insert connection label for components
Select the Other symbol button and insert the connection label with header:

elecworks Other symbol connection label
Repeat the process using the connection label without header:

elecworks connection label table
Also you can do it for the components on the door:

elecworks door components table


With this method elecworks allows you to generate a more detailed and complete documentation for your cabinet layouts. This way you can create higher quality projects!

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