Join Trace Software International and BIM&CO in the Autodesk Forum in Casablanca

The Autodesk Forum about the digitalization, buildings, and infrastructures will be held in Casablanca, on the 26th of September.  Trace Software International – electrical engineering software manufacturer since 1987 – together with BIM&CO – the leading platform of BIM objects – confirm their assistance to the event as keynote speakers.

Autodesk Forum for the Digitalization of Buildings and Infrastructures

The Autodesk Forum is the perfect occasion for a detailed analysis of the present and the future of the construction industry. Key experts of the industry will analyze the market trends, describe the winning practices and the most efficient tools, they will talk about the promising developments of the future of the construction.

There will be also an experimental area, exclusively dedicated to practical demonstrations and the latest emerging technologies.

The Forum is addressed to all the decision-makers of the building industry of the Francophone Africa, driven by a spirit of innovation and aware of the challenges of the future.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling is one of the most promising developments in the architecture, engineering and construction industries. BIM refers to the digital management of the information processes for the design, construction, and management of building projects. The use of the digital model – the representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a structure – promotes interoperability and interaction among the various stakeholders and the result is a highly interactive environment capable of adapting to changes. BIM allows a more integrated design and construction process by eliminating the traditional delays, frictions, wastes, and omissions.

Trace Software International

Trace Software International is a major player in the electrical and PV software market since 1987.  The company has conceived elec calc™ BIM, a game-changing software solution addressed to the professional of the electrical engineering industry.  elec calc™ BIM is the first software in the world that perfectly integrates the electrical calculation into the Open BIM process. The user can design, calculate and size the electrical installation in the digital model in IFC 4 format, generated by any 3D architecture software (Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp …).


BIM&CO is a global player and a leader in the digitalization of product data for the construction industry. The company develops technologies and an ecosystem to support manufacturers and construction companies in the digitalization of building products. With, BIM&CO supports construction companies, engineering and architects’​ offices in managing their data and BIM objects for their project. It helps them save time and enrich their database together with their expertise, project after project. BIM&CO works together with manufacturers to digitalize, manage and share their product data and 3D models to the industry, via the platform. BIM&CO is a global company, with offices in Paris, Bologna, Madrid, Singapore, and Montreal.


Autodesk is the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) partner for the future of building construction and infrastructure, moving the industry toward more digitized, automated and collaborative ways of working.

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