INDUSTRY 4.0 – The Future of Productivity within Industry?

At Trace Software International we are in-touch with the current trends of industries world-wide. Our software solutions are aimed towards the ever-changing trends that are continuously being adopted.  From our electrical CAD design software, electrical calculation software to Photovoltaics (PV) software – we have all the bases covered.

That´s why when you hear the term Industry 4.0 you may not fully understand what it is exactly. If you think back on the industrial revolution and what it did for the Victorians, then you can understand a little more the idea of Industry 4.0 and you get an idea of the type of change that has been taking hold of the industrial sector.


  • Imagine a real-time connected supply/value chain.
  • Imagine connected vehicles, containers and pallets.
  • Imagine connected smart production equipment.
  • Imagine connected mobile and wearable devices.


Put simply Industry 4.0 embodies the coming fourth industrial revolution on the way to an internet of Things, Data and Services. Such industry sectors as the energy, automotive, and the production technology industries will be transformed by Industry 4.0.


The next revolution in industrialisation

Industry 4.0 is the label, originally given by the German government in 2013, that described the gradual bringing together of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices with the increasingly technological advancements that we have in our world today. During the 18th Century we saw the beginning of mechanical production, while during the 19th and 20th century, mass production was allowed using electricity. The developments of electronics and IT, further automated production during the 1970s, creating the industry a third time.


“Advancing technology, in our everyday lives,

has played a significant role in the world of  Industry” 

Trace Software.


Industry 4.0 changes the model in the same way as predecessors have done so. Opening a host of new possibilities to improve process, projects and customer experiences. Change is always hard to adapt to, however, those companies that do adapt to new developments, the rewards will be high.

For example, one of our newest software solutions elecworks™ for PTC® Windchill® is a link that operates with PTC® and its Product Lifecycle Management, (PLM) tool Windchill® which will enable you to control data access, manage revision control and full documentation through new automated abilities combined with the growing trends makes it a powerful solution for many companies.


What is Industry 4.0?

Using both cloud computing and the internet of things, where processes can be managed from anywhere in the world. New technologies enable the integration of the digital and real worlds:

  • The Internet of Things (IoT): Connecting systems, devices, sensors, assets and people through networks – IoT-ready.
  • Mobile solutions: Including smartphones, tablets.
  • Cloud: Including low-cost processing and data storage solutions.
  • Cyber-physical systems (CPS): Monitoring and controlling physical processes using sensors, actuators and processors, based on digital models of the physical world.
  • Business intelligence Big data analytics: Using data and turning it into actionable insights, such as predictive models, early warning algorithms, workflows and dashboards.
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies: 3D printing, robotics and artificial intelligence.


Why Industry 4.0 is so important?

The centralised and offline systems which are not interconnected, offered by traditional manufacturing and production systems, has been challenged by Industry 4.0.


The idea is that these factories will evolve into smart factories whereby they will have the ability to self-manage issues and internal processes. Smart factories will enhance the supply chain and production line by adopting information and communication technology. This means, machines and equipment using self-configuration and self-optimisation and artificial intelligence will be able to deliver cost efficient tasks and services.



One such company that is helping change the way on how industries are connected, operated and managed is called Green Systèmes based in France. It is an expert and multi-disciplinary team which helps to optimize the energy performance of buildings and equipment by simplistic interfaces, traceable data and effective monitoring, offering its solution to tertiary, industry, community and agriculture professionals. With energy saving, real-time data and remote control of equipment, is leading industry towards the next change industrial revolution.


Advantages of Industry 4.0

  • Increased-competitiveness

Manufacturers can now choose locations based on technical capabilities and proximity to consumer demand, rather than decisions driven primarily by wages.


  • Increased-productivity

Quicker, more efficient production around the clock.


  • Increased revenue and profitability

Enables things like predictive and preventive maintenance and upgrades, which results in lower downtime and less capital expenditure over time.


  • Manufacturing process optimization

Collaboration along the entire supply-chain becomes possible, increased efficiency, optimization and innovation, in the long run across the manufacturing industry.


  • Seamless record keeping and traceability

Capture and analysis of data also means better record archiving and search capabilities.


Many companies within various industries are embracing a greater number of connected technologies – to improve their processes. Industry 4.0 will change the entire manufacturing system, from the architecture and organizational structure to products, services and business models along with value chain.


The development of these solutions will be incremental and part of a long-term trend, but the opportunity is already here today for many to utilise.

By James Glass – The Tech Insider @tracesoftware



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