How to show data location in a cabinet drawing?

During the electrical cabinet manufacturing, the panelist is required to possess some technical data of the cabinet in different drawings.


cabinet elecworks™ by Trace Software International



For this purpose, elecworks™ – the electrical CAD software-  disposes of connection labels symbols. Those will show the information of the component or of the associated part and also all the data related to the item, such as location, technical data, descriptions, connections, etc.


Description of user data by Trace Software International


As shown in the image, not only the values of the user data are shown in the symbol. Also,  if a ‘#’ is added to the definition of the attribute, the description of the project will be shown in the drawing.


Connections labels are the perfect solution to show information about any component at any place in the electrical project. In addition, these symbols can be inserted so many times as needed saving up times and gaining in efficiency.

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