elecworks Service Pack 3: a new Excel automation option

elecworks 2016 Service Pack 3 is available from 31 March 2016.

This release includes:


– A new attribute #REF_SERIES in the symbol editor to easily display series

New attribute to display series


– A new command to paste or delete multiple circuits in a faster way

New elecworks command to paste multiple circuits at once


– 6 additional languages available for the projects: Estonian, Persian, Lithuanian, Catalan, Slovenian, Latvian.

6 new languages included into elecworks


Excel Automation

This release also includes a new Excel Automation Option. To have it activated, please contact our sales team as this option is a separate paying feature. This new feature allows you to generate automatically schematic drawings from data contained in an Excel file. This feature uses a formatted XLS file containing instructions to create books, folders and drawings. These drawings are automatically generated from specific schematic macros in which you use variables that propagate information in the scheme.


Generating excel files with elecworks


You can use variables to replace component marks, location or function names, manufacturer references, equipotential numbers, wire styles, translatable data and user data. You can also use formulas. Several template Excel files are included to help you create you own Excel files.
Excel automation in elecworks

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