elecworks™ 2019: what is new?

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Trace Software International, with a unique passion for the design of high-performance software solutions for electrical engineering since 1987, announces that elecworks™ 2019 is available on the market from October.


User interface

New options have been added to the user interface to increase the interactivity.

  • Interface compatible with 4k
    The complete interface has been updated with the new icons. Now ribbons, menus, dockable panels, etc will have brand new icons. The newest icons guarantee an even better interactivity. Its new interface, compatible with the 4k resolution, will allow the user having a better resolution and a sharper view.

elecworks™ 2019 by Trace Software International - 4 k resolution


  • New option “Dimension Unit”
    With this new version, the user will be able to choose the units to display wires, cables, and manufacturer parts. The dimensions can now be displayed in millimeters or inches. This new option will help companies in the internationalization of their projects.
  • New button in the project configuration
    In the project configuration dialog box, the button “Apply” has been added. The user can save the parameters and see the changes without exiting the dialog box while saving time in the configuration of the project.



New features and enhancements have been added to allow a faster and smarter project design.

  • Inserting macros. New command
    It is possible to insert the macros directly from the menu. A new command to insert a macro has been added in the schematic and in the line diagram menus. This new command allows saving space on the screen, hiding the macros palette and improving ergonomics since there is no need to change the PC screen.
  • Converting types of drawings
    Accessible from the drawing properties dialog box, the users can now change the type of drawing. A schematic or line diagram drawing can be converted into a mixed scheme drawing, saving time by avoiding to re-design the scheme or duplicate the drawing.
  • PLC manager. New command
    A new command allows to go from the contextual menu of the list of circuits to the drawing, now user can open the drawing in which the symbol representing the I/O is inserted. This means an important improvement in terms of usability for the user.
  • Archiving improvement
    A specific improvement has been developed in the archive command. The user will find now a new wizard to manage the external files to store when archiving the projects, like 3D files, images, etc. This will help the users to keep projects and all documents related archived.
  • Wiring cabling order navigation
    A “Go to” command is added on the contextual menu of the component in the wiring cabling order dialog. It will be helpful for identifying and detecting possible errors and find out the component quickly in the scheme.
  • Renumbering components. Type of symbol choice
    A new parameter has been added to the project configuration dialog. From the 2019 version, users can choose the priority for renumbering components. This choice can be between multiwire symbols and line diagram symbols. Thus, the user can assign the priority to components inserted in different types of drawings. This is especially useful for those users that include the drawing number in the component mark. In this way, they can define the drawing where the multiwire symbol is inserted.
  • Connectors graphical representation
    New parameters have been added to the connector configuration. Dynamic connectors can be customized from the shape, break, and position of the connection poles, giving the user more flexibility to create connectors according to needs. * Available only in elecworks™ Onboard licenses.

connectors graphical representation of elecworks™ 2019 by Trace Software International

  • Inserting macros from XLS Automation
    Now it is possible to insert the project macros and the specific schemes from a project through the XLS Automation command, reducing the number of macros needed for the automation projects.



A greater usability to get the information needed.


  • Views for reports customization
    Newest views have been added to the report database, helping to create complex relationships between tables for new reports. Reports customization is now easier than ever and without any SQL advanced knowledge requirement.



Views for report customization with elecworks™ by Trace Software International


  • Hyperlinks in report drawings
    The new hyperlinks allow the user to navigate to the different parts of the project in an easy and practical way straight from the report. Links are automatically generated in the reports drawing. The user can now navigate to a drawing, function or location amongst others from the reports drawing.



More options and details for your electrical symbol library

  • Electrical assemblies in the project
    The super parts are now named “Electrical Assembly”, the special component that gathers various references under a unique material reference and its management have been improved. In addition, they can be now stored in the project, allowing listings of materials grouped by assemblies or equipment.


electrical assemblies of elecworks™ 2019 by Trace Software International

  • Black box information
    Now you can customize what information to show in the connection points and attributes of the black boxes, parameterizing the values according to templates and clients.
  • Wire/Cable termination types
    Termination types are used to define how the cable cores or the wires are connected to the components. A new library of terminations is available within elecworks™. In addition, these terminations are selectable from the components, allowing to make a list of the number of the terminations used
    throughout the project.


Active subscribers can download this new version from Trace Software support area.

The full list of the new features and improvements of our 2019 version is available in the Help menu or by pressing the F1 key.



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