Electrical safety at work

There is no doubt that electrical safety is one of the fundamental elements in assessing the quality of jobs. According to ESAW methodology, an accident at work is defined as a discrete occurrence in the course of work which leads to physical or mental harm.

Occupational accidents are common and numerous in the modern society. And, as electricity is an essential factor of modern economies, its use at work is inevitable.  Electricity is a serious workplace hazard as it has enough power to cause death,  so even the simplest electrical system can become dangerous.

Electricity can be defined as the flow of electrons through a conductor.

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R is the resistance of the conductor,

is the potential difference in the circuit at the extremes of the resistance

is the current intensity

Resistance is the tendency of a material to oppose the flow of charge. The current will flow through the easiest possible path (minimum energy principle), which means, as conductor’s resistance increases, the current ability to cross it decreases. Based on their electrical behavior, the materials are subdivided into conductors and insulatorsThe conductors are those materials that allow electric current to flow. On the other hand, materials that prevent the passage of current are insulators.

In the electric field, the overload occurs when the system is crossed by a certain quantity of electrons, which is actually higher of its capacity. This is why, in an electrical circuit, cables need to be sized in order to guarantee a specific flow rate.  Any electric current that exceeds the rating of the circuit leads to an overcurrent.

Electricity is recognized as a serious workplace hazard and failure to comply with the specific regulations can be of fatal consequences. According to Health & Safety Executive, there are four main types of electrical injuries: Electric shockElectrical burnsLoss of muscle controlThermal burns.

However, the electricity has enough power to cause death by electrocution. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) notes that most electrical accidents are caused by one of these factors: unsafe equipment or installation, unsafe environment or unsafe work practices.

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