elec calc™ HV module : new features of the 2021 version

The elec calc™ HV module enables the sizing of the High Voltage part (> 1000 VAC) of an electrical installation, in the same project as the Low Voltage part.

All the drawing functionalities of the software are operational, including the free placement of all the components, on one or several pages, enabling a very visual presentation of configurations such as open loops, double branchings, …

Trace Software is delighted to introduce the new features of the next 2021 version.

Calculations and controls processed in real time

As Low Voltage module, elec calc™ HT module enables normative calculations and controls are executed in real time :

  • Calculation of short-circuit currents using a matrix algorithm according to IEC 60909-0 (symmetrical component method) with individual consideration of the contribution of motors to short-circuits.
  • Verification of cable cross-section: use of NF C13-200 standard laying methods and taking into account the mutual impedances between armour and screen according to IEC 60909-2 standard.
  • Calculation of voltage drops based on the actual currents flowing in the pipes
  • Calculation of the maximum allowable thermal stress of the pipes
  • Calculation of the maximum holding time of the pipes at the most unfavourable short-circuit current: allows to check the validity of the protection plan (not included in the module)
  • Calculation of the capacitive currents of healthy cables
  • Calculation of contact voltages
  • Real-time updating of the power balance

New features of 2021 version

Management of protection relays for independent time curves, i.e. the following ANSI codes :

  • 50: Phase overcurrent
  • 51: Time-delayed phase overcurrent
  • 50N: Earth fault
  • 51N: Time-delayed earth fault

The control of the selectivity can be performed on all voltage references thanks to the curved interface.

Some components are specific to the HT module :

  • HT Source: the most common configurations can be chosen in the quick entry field. More specific networks can be configured from a dedicated interface: data entry for direct and homopolar networks either in short-circuit powers, short-circuit currents or impedances.
  • HV circuit breaker with verification of rated voltages, current and breaking capacity
  • HV type fuses with the ability to enter user references, including time/current and peak current limiting curves

The HV module enables the management of HV generators, the paralleling of transformers (HV/HV and HV/LV) and the compensation of reactive energy in high voltage. The HV module also gives all their importance to components such as ‘Current Transformer’, ‘Potential Transformer’ and ‘Protective Relay’ whose use in LV is marginal.

elec calc™ HV module

elec calc™ – curve interface

Written by Jérôme Mullie, Calculation Product Manager

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