elec calc™ BIM Main Features

elec calc™ BIM is a module that integrates calculation software in BIM with the following iterative processes: Facilitating the flow between a 3D model and the electrical sizing and calculation that all meet the IFC format.

BIM manages construction projects more effectively and reduces construction costs. Along with our software solution elec calc™ BIM – it provides a powerful way to access the BIM objects and stay current with this growing trend in construction design with:

  • Many smart design features, including Intellisense, enable the one-line diagram to be drawn very quickly and intuitively.
  • Components can be customized according to the project.
  • Automatic and manual routing of the cable pathways.
  • Electrical installation sizing according to the standards.

Encapsulating elec calc™ software solution which provides the latest calculation software engineers, installers, developers, energy producers/distributors and manufacturers with a powerful tool for sizing electrical installations.

elec calc™ BIM offers all stakeholders, a uniquely powerful tool for sizing electrical installations. Including calculation models that will ensure rapid project development and a high calculation quality featuring:

  • Importation of the digital model in ICF4 format, generated by different 3D architectural software’s (Revit, Archicad…).
  • Flexible sizing of cables according to the lengths in the 3D model.
  • Manufacturers and user catalogs according to BIM Metadata.
  • Graphical interface is configurable and available in several languages.

Within the field of design and calculation, Trace Software helps ensure the rapid development of your projects and high quality electrical calculations which are essential in today’s marketplace. This combined with BIM integration, will deliver a powerful solution for your design needs.

Our partner BIM&CO can also provide the user with all the detailed information about the components used.

Several simulations can be done to compare the possible routing scenarios. The 3D model allows to detect if there is any conflict. If this case, the information is directly sent to the designer thanks to the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) so he can fix the problem and correct his model.

Finally, all the calculated data and added properties are included in the main digital model, in addition to all the calculation notes and data regarding the one-line diagram.

By James Glass

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