Customize shortcut keys – elecworks tips and tricks

elecworks allows to customize shortcut keys to make users life easier!


Click on the Customize Quick Access Toolbar button:

Customize Toolbar in elecworks



And select the More Commands option:

More Commands in elecworks


Then select the Keyboard tab:

Keyboard Tab in elecworks



In the Category list you have the currently opened elecworks menus:

Category List in elecworks

Toolbar in elecworks

Note: If you need a different menu, you have to open it. For example: if you need the Schematic menu, you have to open a scheme.

Select the category you need and then the command you want to customize, for instance:

Customizing Commands in elecworks

Fill in the Press new shortcut key field with the key combination you want, for instance:

New shortcut key in elecworks

Click the Assign button:

Assign new shortcut key in elecworks

Now you can use Ctrl+1 to number new wires.


This customization allow users to design faster with elecworks!

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