Improve your engineering projects with Electrical Content Portal

Trace Software International, developer of leading software solutions in electrical design and calculation for more than 25 years, has launched the Electrical Content Portal. It’s a new on-line portal where elecworks users can gain extensive information for optimal and faster design of your electrical projects.

Electrical Content Portal is an on-line community where users from any solution of the elecworks family can have access to manufacturer catalogs. With more than 500 000 references available, the Electrical Content Portal includes manufacturer leaders such as ABB, Phoenix Contact, Schneider or Wago.
New series and manufacturers are regularly updated and made available for users. Symbols and libraries are also updated in order to minimize work of our users.

Improve your engineering with Electrical Content Portal

Design your electrical projects faster

Electrical Content Portal is a key tool to provide relevant information, in order to reduce design time and to increase the quality of the documentation in electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic projects.

Having an extensive manufacturer library translates to the user as a considerable time-saving, to get the right parts references with the technical specifications as well as all the electrical information that elecworks requires for easier use.

Also, if you do not find the reference, you can ask us for the content needed for your electrical projects or access the TracePartsOnline portal, world leader in digital content for engineering, and find any component in elecworks format.

On-line community

Join our on-line community and share with other members your own content, exchange with other users your catalogs, and find useful information uploaded by other electrical designers.

Access to Electrical Content Portal

Archelios acquisition from Cythelia by Trace Software

Archelios ProArchelios calc

February 2015Trace Software International, electrical installation CAD and calculation software editor, reinforces its presence in photovoltaics sector with its announcement of the acquisition of Archelios software from the company Cythelia. Archelios is sizing software that enables the production forecast of solar installations.

This acquisition comes after a partnership with Cythelia started in early 2014, which led to the establishment of a link between Archelios and Solar Calc, the calculation and electrical design of a PV system software from Trace Software.

Trace Software is now able to offer the market a unique solution for working with an entire photovoltaic project from the feasibility study to the generating plant’s calculation notes and documentation necessary for its construction. The Archelios Suite deals with photovoltaic installations of all types: grid connected, self-consumption and remote sites.


Archelios suite for photovoltaic design

For engineering offices, developers and installers, this is an important step: firstly, enabling significant productivity gains and secondly, working on common data from the technical and economic feasibility studies; required for the implementation of various steps of project engineering.

Trace Software, committed to new design software for the renewable energy and smart grids, plans to deploy its solar solutions in the international market through its subsidiaries and distributors, particularly in China, Middle East and America.

The Archelios ™ software allows for complete on-line simulation of a photovoltaic system, from solar radiation to the energy yield. The integration of 3D modeling in SketchUp allows an assistance for the layout plan and a precise calculation of close masks. This is the most accurate software in the world for the producible forecast (according to the well-known review PHOTON and the International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering).

Solar Calc ™ software (Archelios Calc) is the French leader in electrical design of photovoltaic installations connected to the grid according to the UTE C15-712-1 guide. It covers the organization of the modules, the calculation of cable sections depending on the installation methods with predetermined cable lengths, the choice of inverters, the definition and selection of arresters, and choice of protections and the parameters to take into consideration for PV installation’s connection to the distribution network.

About Cythelia:
Cythelia is an engineering office and research center created in 1994 by Alain Ricaud, specializing in smart energies, from renewable energy to energy efficiency, through the smart grid development. Cythelia develops and markets Archelios since 2006 and Abatia, the thermal building software since 2012. Cythelia is a leading player in the world of photovoltaics and renewable energies.


Trace Software and Cythelia announce a partnership around Archelios and Solar Calc


02/06/2014 – Trace Software, software publisher of Solar Calc™ and Cythelia, software publisher of Archelios™, announce their collaboration in the domain of design and calculation of photovoltaic installations for the international market.

The new match, issuing from the two companies; offers to the market a unique solution that enables working on an entire photovoltaic project. For engineering service providers, project developers and installers, it is an important step forward in improving productivity.

The software Archelios™ helps handle the complete simulation of a photovoltaic installation, from the solar irradiation to the generation capacity calculations. The 3D integration in SketchUp helps in solar panel layout plans and takes precisely into account the non-shadowing pitch. This software has the most accurate forecast of the solar power generation capacity (according to a survey by PHOTON international magazine and International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering ). Archelios evolves into an online version which will be commercialised in the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Solar Calc™ is the French market leader in electrical sizing of photovoltaic installations connected to the public power supply grid according to the UTE C15-712-1 standard. It covers the organisation of solar panels, cable section and length calculations taking into account the environmental characteristics and the cable laying method, the choice of inverters, the choice of surge arresters, as well as the protection sizing and the connection to the distribution network.

The first step of the collaboration, is a module that will make it possible, to open an Archelios project in Solar Calc, wherein avoiding costly re-entering of installation data and optimal streamlining of the design work process. The two software publishers work together from now on an integrated solution that fits the demands of the international market for the grid-connected and isolated installations.

Alain Ricaud« When we wanted to integrate the electrical design according to the norms, in ARCHELIOS, we were faced with the high complexity of task ahead. The collaboration with Trace Software soon became inevitable. », indicates Alain Ricaud, CEO of Cythelia.



Etienne Mullie« To develop our Solar Calc product profile, our clients asked us to integrate the simulation of solar panel layouts to calculate the production capacity. The synergy with Cythelia, with its strong and well-known expertise, seemed to us the most pertinent and rapid solution », specifies Etienne Mullie, CEO of Trace Software.



About Cythelia

Engineering service providers, experts and consultants, founded in 1994 by Alain Ricaud, specialised in the domains of photovoltaic and energy management in buildings, Cythelia publishes and commercialises ARCHELIOS since 2006 and ABATIA, thermal software for buildings, since 2012.
Cythelia is one of the key players in the photovoltaic world, with a recognised expertise in the parts and installation of the solar projects of all sizes (up to 10MWh) on buildings and on land.

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About Trace Software International

Founded in 1989, Trace Software publishes electrical calculation and CAD software. The calculation division develops and commercialises the Elec Calc™ product profile which satisfies demands of sizing and control of all types of electrical installations. Partner to Dassault Systèmes, in electrical CAD, Trace Software commercialises its flagship software, elecworks™. It is distributed world-wide under the brand name SolidWorks Electrical through the reseller channel of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks. In 20 years, Trace Software has acquired its unique experience in calculation and design of electrical installations, automation systems and cable management. It has subsidiaries in China, Spain and USA.

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The Trace Group achieves a record-breaking 2013 in engineering solutions development

17/02/2014 – Aggregate revenue from TraceParts and Trace Software smashes the 10-million dollar bar

Saint-Romain (France); February 12, 2014 – The Trace Group – featuring TraceParts and Trace Software International, two world leaders in their respective fields – has announced revenue of €7,980K for 2013, in the process establishing a new personal record and breaking the symbolic 10-million dollar bar.

TraceParts is one of the world’s premier suppliers of digital engineering 3D content. The company delivers progressive business software solutions through powerful web-based products and services, including CAD parts libraries, e-catalogs and product configurators, thereby helping parts manufacturers raise the marketing efficiency bar by increasing the value of their legacy digital product data. The portal ( is available to CAD users around the world and boasts over 1.7 million members.

Trace Software International is a top-tier vendor of software solutions in the areas of electrical CAD, electrical installation calculation and automation CAD (elec calc™, archelios calc™, etc.). Its elecworks™ CAD software add-in for SolidWorks was chosen by Dassault Systèmes as part of a licensing agreement. The solution has been translated into 14 languages and is currently distributed worldwide through a network of resellers as SolidWorks Electrical.

“The 10-million dollar bar is not only symbolic but important, because it reflects the strong, steady growth in the core businesses of our two companies,” explains Etienne Mullie, CEO and founder of the Trace Group. “This milestone bears testament to our employees’ hard work in masterminding and developing cutting-edge products and services for manufacturers around the world. I would like to pay tribute to their loyalty, expertise and commitment to the company. I would also like to congratulate Gabriel Guigue, Managing Director of TraceParts, and Pedro Puig, Managing Director of Trace Software International, for their insight into the needs of their markets and their strategic outlook.”

International presence
The Group employs 110 people and has offices in France, Germany, Brazil, China, Spain and the United States. The Research & Development divisions are based in France and Barcelona.
The Group’s customer portfolio includes such prestigious names as Airbus, Bombardier, Dassault Systèmes, EDF, Legris, Norelem, RS Components, Schneider Electric, GSK and Total.
The Trace Group will celebrate its 25th birthday this year.

The future lies in innovation
“We should double our revenue within the next three years”, concludes Etienne Mullie. “To reach that aim, we are going to step up our R&D investments and strengthen our international footprint. In 2014 and 2015, we are going to launch a range of new products that leverage the leading-edge technologies into which we have been plowing investments for several years. We are pursuing our goal of achieving international leadership status for each of our software solutions, both present and future, and spearheading new services, such as the lead generation solution successfully offered by TraceParts.”


Trace Group

Trace Software International


Middle East Electricity Event in Dubai

Trace Software International will exhibit at Middle East Electricity in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from 2 to 4 March 2015. Let’s meet in on stand 7C15 in the French Pavillion. We will be presenting the latest innovations in Low & High Voltage installation calculations, in photovoltaic installation calculation and design as well as the elecworks range of solutions.
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Trace Software and Cythelia announce a partnership around Solar Calc and Archelios

 Trace Software, software publisher of Solar Calc™ and Cythelia, software publisher of Archelios™, announce their collaboration in the domain of design and calculation of photovoltaic installations for the international market.  

elecworks 2014 and eDrawings

01/10/2013 – elecworks™ 2014 brings plenty of new features such as mixed schemes, voltage drop calculations on cables, publish as eDrawings…

Many new commands are here to make your design work easier: Design rules check, User data access options, automatic insertion of links, optimizing wiring order sequence depending on the placement of material in the cabinet, etc. This version is also compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office 32 and 64 bits.

Other major changes include the « electrical content portal » (See further on) with specific way to access manufacturer parts databases. From this version onwards, the software will include the elecworks Viewer (See further on) to watch the projects taking shape.

New features

  • Mixed drawings management: In these new mixed drawing types, you can use the wiring line diagram commands and those of the schematic diagrams.
  • Voltage drop calculation on cable: specific data have been added to the cable properties to allow you to automatically calculate the voltage drop for a cable. These calculated results are shown as reports.
  • Publish to eDrawings: A new command lets you select the drawings to be exported to eDrawings to help with easy exchange of project data.

Publish to eDrawings from elecworks

Optimized ergonomy with new icons

  • Design rule checks: These rules are in the form of reports, accessible by this icon : «Design rules check », can be used to verify particular details and easily detect any design errors, for example : missing manufacturer part for a symbol, unconnected wires, child-symbols without a parent-symbol, etc.
  • A new interface to manage user data: two new icons « Insert user data » and « insert translatable data » are available in the menu, to intuitively access the user and translatable data.
  • A new command “Automatic insertion of links” when run, links up all the lines having the same equipotential on all the drawings where they appear.
  • Optimization of wiring order helps you redefine the wiring sequence according to the physical placement of the device in the 2D layout, so that the lengths of wires are reduced and so help you with the cabling.

Design rule management in elecworks    User data management in elecworks

Electrical Content Portal for flexible management of manufacturer catalogs

From elecworks 2014 onwards, the manufacturer catalogs and cable catalogs are not installed by default. You are now free to choose which catalogs are to be added/updated, giving you these two advantages: faster installation of the software and rapid search of parts during use.

Two new icons help you choose to have manufacturer catalogs as «Local content» (to let you continue to install/ update the catalogs already like you do today in your elecworks archives) or «Internet connection » (to directly access « electrical content portal » with a list of available catalogs and to download only the selected catalogs). You can use the search filter to quickly find a manufacturer.

SolidWorks Electrical users also have access to their version of this portal.


Electrical Content Portal for elecworks users    Electrical Content Portal for SolidWorks Electrical users


Release of elecworks Viewer

From version elecworks 2014 onwards, a new product, elecworks Viewer, has been developed. You can now study the designed projects on an existing database. The users have access to elecworks project navigation in a small window to look at different schematic drawings and then they can zoom in on a selected drawing.

Although data cannot be modified with this viewer, the messenger commands help to keep up to date with the progress of the project design. Elecworks Viewer users can also zoom in on the pages; export the schematics to DWG/PDF formats and the reports to XLS/TXT formats. The search filter helps to precisely look for a particular element of the project (for example: a Mark, a Location, a Reference, a component type, etc.)

Elecworks Viewer can be installed as an additional client, or another stand-alone machine where elecworks has been installed, but the license is no longer available because the license was transferred earlier.


elecworks Viewer     Search filter in Elecworks Viewer