Cabling order optimization


For panel or cabinet builders, reports are normally used to cable the panel/cabinet instead of the schemes, especially in big projects.
These reports must be sorted out according to the place of the components in the panel/cabinet.
Until now, users make this kind of reports manually.
elecworks™ allows the automatic generation of this type of report, just using the command to optimize wire cabling order.




For this scheme




Part of an electrical scheme



By default, the cabling order is in the same order as drawn here, for 515 equipotential.


How to optimize the cabling order


As the image shows, two wires are needed to cable the same equipotential from the panel/cabinet to the door: but this is wrong, as there must be just only one.
To optimize the cabling order, just run the command to optimize wire cabling order.

Optimize wire cabling order menu


The new cabling order is sorted by location and mark.

Equipotential optimized with wire cabling order optimization command

Now you just have only one wire from the panel/cabinet to the door.



This command enables the company to:

• Save time, as the order is done automatically and the reports can be done from this cabling order
• Save money due to the cabling optimization
• Improve the performance


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