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How to show data location in a cabinet drawing?

During the electrical cabinet manufacturing, the panelist is required to possess some technical data of the cabinet in different drawings.       For this purpose, elecworks™ – the electrical CAD software-  disposes of connection labels symbols. Those will show the information of the component or of the associated part and also all the data related […]

elecworks™ 2019: what is new?

Trace Software International, with a unique passion for the design of high-performance software solutions for electrical engineering since 1987, announces that elecworks™ 2019 is available on the market from October.   User interface New options have been added to the user interface to increase the interactivity. Interface compatible with 4k The complete interface has been updated with the new […]

A contribution of asynchronous motors to short-circuit currents

The symmetrical component method used by elec calc™ 2018 for the calculation of short-circuit currents allows a very accurate calculation of these currents according to the characteristics of each motor and this at every point of the installation, and for each of the operating scenarios described in the project. A reminder of the requirements: The […]

What is industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the new chapter in the history of the industry. The term of the industrial revolution, used to refer to the entire transformative process, highlights the disruptive power of changing paradigms within the entire ecosystem of organizations. Industry 4.0 is the new industrial panorama, and it has to do with the convergence between the physical and the digital world. But not […]

The lightning protections

Lightning protection systems are used to prevent or reduce lightning strike damage. According to NASA, there are 2,000 thunderstorms active all over the world at a given time and produce about 100 flashes per second. The number of annual lightning fatalities is difficult to estimate, ranging from 6 000 to 24 000 depending on the different studies; this […]

Trace Software International teams up with Luo Yang Economics School in China

Last week Trace Software International announced a strategic partnership with the Luo Yang Economics School in China to provide the next generation of electrical engineering students with the know-how for competitive success.  The happening has been celebrated during the “School-Enterprise Cooperation Signing Ceremony”, which has taken place in the University on the 18th of October. In […]

Solar energy can light up Africa

In Africa, the potential for solar energy is immense.  The continent is, in fact, is the brightest in the world. Its 30.37 million km² receive a solar irradiance equal to or greater than 2,000 kWh/ (m2 year). In the management of the energy resources, increasing the production of solar energy and other forms of renewable energy should be […]