archelios™ Pro Platinum: the ultra sophisticated PV software

Trace Software International is excited to announce the launch of the newest editions of archelios™ Pro. The software is an excellent tool for the feasibility and bankability study, simulation, 3D design, and sizing of any photovoltaic project.

As the solar market becomes more and more complex and challenging, the company has launched a new PV software offering. Trace Software International has used its expertise to create four different PV tools’ proposals, archelios™ Pro Freearchelios™ Pro Silverarchelios™ Pro Gold and archelios™ Pro Platinum. All of them aimed at delivering more value and satisfying the needs of a wide range of professionals roles within the solar industry. Each product line is adapted to the size of the PV project and comes with features and benefits tailored to the specific requirement of the activity.

archelios™ Pro Platinum

archelios™ Pro Platinum is a professional software for the design, calculation, and simulation of your solar plants with no power limit. It is provided with advanced features that make it a one-of-a-kind tool in the actual PV market. It has been designed for those professionals who aim at the best and want to manage their PV projects with an ultra-sophisticated software.

Here are its most remarkable features:


The software includes the automatic 3D cabling optimization feature that supports the user in the PV plant electrical system design process. By recommending the panel type, the lengths of the strings, the junction boxes’ and the inverters’ best wiring configuration, the user will save time, avoid errors and time delays and assure the safety and productivity of the PV plant.


The user can create the junction boxes of the photovoltaic plant manually or automatically. The configuration of the junction boxes is compatible with archelios™ Calc. This feature allows for a quicker and easier design.


This functionality allows the calculation of productivity using 1-axis solar trackers in the modules installed in an east-west arrangement with the possibility of using backtracking. This tool is very useful for power plant optimization


It is possible to import the meteorological parameters of irradiation and temperature, including typical years, monthly averages, and hourly time series from other databases than the default Meteonorm database. Besides, the database is fully integrable into archelios™ Pro software. By counting on this unique combination of reliable data sources, the user will save time and rely on accurate parameters.


The software takes into account performance ratios and accurately calculates the power losses of the PV plant due to inefficiencies and anomalies caused by shading, the profile of distant obstacles, temperature, aging of the installation, etc. In the case of large multi-MW plants, it is also possible to evaluate each of its different areas to optimize the workflow. The reliability and security of the PV plant are enhanced. Besides, the user can count on meticulous data that support financial analysis.


The Platinum version has an earthmoving assistant for solar plants installed in the ground. It has an automatic analysis of land leveling and allows estimating the volumes of land to be moved.


Clipping losses are calculated from the Free version. Additionally, archelios™ Pro Platinum includes a tool to optimize clipping losses, so that users can consider if it is appropriate or not do some actions to reduce this kind of losses such as installing a bigger (more expensive) inverter.


It is possible to compare the performance analysis of different PV projects and to highlight. The relevant information will help the user to weigh the evidence and make smart choices.


With regards to self-consumption installations, it is now possible to adapt a project to the actual annual consumption based on invoicing data. The consumption profile is accurate, and the user no longer needs to adjust it. This is also a new feature for the self-production installations with automatic peak power sizing. In addition, archelios™ Pro directly forecasts the number of modules to be installed for an expected production.

Apart from these exceptional features, the software includes all the benefits of the Gold version of archelios™ Pro such as:


The software provides a geolocated 3D model that simulates the installation and each of its components, and the environment including shadows and near-masks. It includes a SketchUp plugin to recreate the structure or place where the installation will be designed by building a 3D digital model known as PV BIM, which increases the accuracy of the results because it takes into account every obstacle that may interfere with direct irradiation. Besides, the tool will deliver the automatic 3D calibration and cabling of the PV installations.


The tool helps with the sizing of the PV array to determine the peak power required in m3/d. In addition, it will be possible to obtain a detailed simulation, based on the PV system details, pump characteristics, and storage size indicated by the user.


It is possible to add modules and inverters’ references to the customizable database. By relying on a rich variety of selection, the user will be able to deliver a better level of quality and detail to the PV project, according to the customer’s specifications. It is also possible to memorize the configurations and reuse them according to the projects’ needs.


The software includes the automatic 3D cabling optimization feature that supports the user in the PV plant electrical system design process. By recommending the panel type, the lengths of the strings, the junction boxes’ and the inverters’ best wiring configuration, the user will save time, avoid errors and time delays and assure the safety and productivity of the PV plant.


It is possible to obtain the automatic layout of the modules on a given surface and choose the parameters of spacing, orientation, inclination, the height of the modules as well as determine the module tables(X*Y).archelios™Pro provides the automatic estimation of the minimum spaces required between the rows and permits to set the East-West panel’s layout option.

Do you want to try this professional tool?

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