archelios™ O&M: The PV Monitoring System

archelios™ O&M is the monitoring software for PV installations. It belongs to the archelios™ suite, the innovative software portfolio to manage the entirety of a PV project.

When the PV Plant has been constructed and connected to the grid to sell Electricity, the PV Plant operator is in charge of guaranteeing its efficient production, at the minimum in line with the project plan and even possibly above it. On that purpose, a real-time performance monitoring system is required.

The operator has to:

  • Detect any malfunction that may impact production, like Inverters failures, open circuit breakers, cable breaks, dirt, animals, short-circuits, faulty installation, outage or performance drop, failure of cells …
  • Assess the related loss
  • And decide for the correcting actions to restore the expected production

A good monitoring system will provide information on the production, alarms and analytical data, in a timely, efficient and precise manner to detect any anomaly of the PV Plant.

A unique solution to meet the needs of the solar industry

archelios™ O&M has been designed to face the challenges of today’s solar industry by combining modeling technology and PV expertise. Thanks to easy PV BIM (PV Building Information Modeling), archelios™ O&M contains a fully functional and 3D description of the PV installation. Based on real-time irradiance and temperature, it also computes expected production from each piece of equipment, any incident or loss is valued in %, MWh and financial data, it is directly attached to the equipment, visualized in a plant 2D/3D map and consolidated to the plant.

The PV BIM as a backbone of the monitoring system

The archelios™ O&M PV BIM technology possesses unique and superior features when compared which the conventional monitoring systems. Please learn below about some of them:

  • Calculation of the reference production “plan” taking into account 3D and functional modeling and standard aging with the historical climate of the PV plant site. Thanks to 3D modeling, it integrates all near and far shading effects as well as trackers if applied.
    The effective plant production can easily be compared, over a period of time, to the reference production plan to access how it is in line with global expectation.
  • Calculation of the archelios™ production reference. Real-time irradiance and temperature data are injected into the PV plant digital model that precisely determines the expected production of each component from the delivery point meter, down to Inverters, Junction boxes, and even individual strings.
    Any measured production at any equipment level can be compared to the archelios™ production reference, either visually or automatically. Specific under production alarms can be generated, any loss can be valued in energy and/or financial loss.
  • PV plant 3D modeling serves even beyond computation. A powerful 3D viewer is always available in the 2 screens application user interface. Any selected information (curve, value, alarm …) is localized with its related piece of equipment. A colored 2D/3D view of the plant can highlight the weakest and strongest elements, at the inverter level, junction box or string. Service personnel will directly go on site to the right intervention spot.
  • PV BIM being the backbone of the monitoring system, the PV plant structure is always there, and any data can be attached to its corresponding device, like reference specification, simulation modeling, and even user and maintenance manual. This is like having your “as built” file under a click of your mouse. Either at the office or on-site with wireless connection, supervisors and maintenance technician have access to all needed information.

Beside unique features, archelios™ O&M also serves all functionality usually expected from an independent PV portfolio monitoring software:

  • Hardware independent, it supports any inverters and data loggers
  • It provides a unique Web portal gathering all your portfolio, saving time and allowing global and partial consolidation.
  • Comprehensive viewing and analysis of all available data from your plants
  • Specific and standard KPIs, benefiting, behind product conception, from long experience of PV consulting services in the design team.
  • Secured access via user accounts with specific rights configured by your administrator
  • User interface providing different view modes serving the different level of details expected for different users or defect analysis steps.
  • A real-time Dashboard is available allowing a top-down analysis approach from portfolio overview to understand individual defects.

A PV plant can be highly vulnerable. archelios™ O&M provides the solar professional with an ultra-precise energy management tool to collect and analyze data. It plays a crucial role in the photovoltaic industry as it makes possible to detect any PV plant anomaly and to undertake the most appropriate repairs, with ROI concern in mind, to restore best asset production and profitability.

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