The 7 most remarkable features of archelios™ Calc

archelios™ Calc is a comprehensive software for the calculation, sizing and verification of photovoltaic systems connected to the public network. The software also allows the sizing of a photovoltaic system for solar energy self-consumption.

Detailed DC and AC PV single line diagram and sizing

The user will access a synthetic view of all the installation with the possibility to edit the technical data of any component. The software includes unique features allowing a fast design and sizing of photovoltaic cables, protections, and inverters. Amongst them, there is the automatic generation of the synoptic view by the input of the setup of the installation, the display of the technical characteristics of a component of the diagram by simply selecting it, a visual description of the synoptic where anomalies and incomplete information are marked in different colors. You can draw your installation very quickly, easily visualize all possible anomalies and access the detailed installation diagram.

archelios™ Pro connection

Start your project in an easier way from a configuration defined in archelios™ Pro. Module/Inverter configurations and manufacturer references, as well as cable lengths, will be automatically imported so that the user only needs to configure the protections and size them.


Calculation in real-time and multi-standard verification

archelios™ Calc ensures optimal security with real-time photovoltaic calculation of the installation and its control according to the IEC and the NF electrical standards. Any modification leads to an automatic check on the whole installation: any non-compliant equipment will be marked in red in the synoptic. You can size your cables and protections based on your constraints and methods of installation.

Detailed management of inverters (multi-trackers, multi-strings, integrated electrical protections…)

Any configuration of strings, inverters, trackers, is possible to be simulated in archelios™ Calc. An interactive graph shows the adaptation between the PV generator and the inverter so that the user can easily see the effects of any modification in the number of strings or number of modules.
Inverters are handled as per characteristics indicated by manufacturers, with the possibility of entering multiple trackers, multi-string trackers… and even insert electrical protection that may be integrated into inverter or not.

Intuitive and user-friendly

With a friendly and intuitive interface, archelios™ Calc has been designed to make electrical calculation and sizing of any type of PV installations easier. Whatever the complexity of the installation, archelios™ Calc gives any user easy access to the detailed view of the installation, the technical information of its components to permit eventual edits. In the single-line diagram, a color-coding allows immediately to detect anomalies and non-compliant elements. The software is designed to optimize the installation according to mínimum requirements, but the user is able to define his final decision, that, of course, will be checked for validity in real-time.


Safe PV installations

Safe PV installations

Different elements of the PV system are sized to meet the different electrical and normative constraints.

The protections: calculation of the sizes, power cut, thermal and magnetic thresholds, etc.
The cables: current of use, laying mode, voltage drop, etc.
The inverters: different parameters according to the AC and DC sides
The lightning arresters: assistance in the choice of the lightning arresters according to the needs determined by the software, control of protections that are associated with them.

Integrated and customizable multi-manufacturers database

archelios Calc™ integrates a multi-brands database for the different components of the photovoltaic installations (modules, AC and DC protections, inverters, lightning arresters, cables, AC and DC switches). In addition, it is possible to personalize the catalog by adding a own reference.

Integrated-and-customizable-multi-manufacturers database-Trace-Software-International


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