archelios™ Calc 2019

The latest version of archelios™ Calc, the photovoltaic calculation software, is available on the market for any solar professional. With more than 30 years of experience in the electrical and photovoltaic engineering industry, Trace Software International has earned a name as a reference in the global market.

In recent years, electricity production and consumption patterns have evolved. Environmental concerns such as climate change, waste disposal, resource depletion, overpopulation, and endangered species, just to name a few, are a health threat. There is an urgent need to undertake the appropriate security measures to prevent disasters in a not so far future.

The newest features

Sustainable choices are no longer an option. Energy self-consumption, for example, plays a crucial role as it allows, thanks to the photovoltaic system, to use renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions and obtain electricity for free.

Self-consumption of energy can be the ideal answer to obtain a home energy saving, as it allows to reduce the dependence on a supplier. The installation of photovoltaic solar panels allows meeting the energy needs independently. Consumption will depend on the number of electrical appliances used, on weather conditions, on the power of photovoltaic systems and on the number of households.

In this latest version, archelios™ Calc comes with new features:

  • A new “distribution board (self-consumption)” view in the connection and location type menu. The user can select the self-consumption option in the interface.
  • The management of the electrical parameters of the switchboard on which the installation will be connected.
  • A detailed diagram of the self-consumption installation, excluding the energy meters.
  • New interface design. The environment graphical representation has been updated with new colors and a more modern icon design.
  • The real-time visualization of the electrical network of the installation.
    The newest features have been added to those already existing:

  • Detailed one-line diagram of all the installation
  • DC and AC electrical sizing, mono or multi inverters
  • Detailed management of inverters (multi-trackers, multi-strings, integrated protections…)
  • Analysis of the lightning hazard (sizing of lightning arresters)
  • Processing all types of PV installation including beyond 250 kVA
  • The calculation in real time and multi-standard controls (C15 712, NF C15-712-1 et CEI 60364)
  • Integrated or customizable multi-manufacturers database
  • Visualization of non-compliant elements
  • Edition of the complete regulatory folder for the controlling organization

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