5 reasons why elec calc™ deserves a closer look

elec calc™ is the software for the calculation and sizing of any electrical project, from the simplest to the most complex. It is the only tool in the world that allows the management of HV and LV in the same project, without having to resort to external resources. elec calc™ offers its user an interactive and intuitive experience thanks to the user-friendly interface of the program.

 Real-time calculations

elec calc™ focuses on safety, service continuity and energy efficiency, by the main international standards. The software performs automated calculations in real-time, offers the possibility to choose between different regulations, and allows the visualization of selectivity and filiation curves, as well as calculations of short-circuit currents (according to IEC 60909).

Several traffics and sources in parallel

The software also allows the use of several transformers in parallel. The newest version will help to work with several sources in parallel.

 Management of different operating scenarios

elec calc™  helps to carry out a complete analysis of the facilities and provides detailed studies. In addition, the user can configure as many operating scenarios as desired to simulate and control different configurations or installation behaviors, such as emergency, network change, day, night, etc., to analyze each operating condition using the behavior and size of the installation. Besides, the software simulates different locations within the same project, with different types of environment (temperatures, risk of fire or explosion …), and considers it in the calculations.

Unique benefits

The software has a wide range of unique features. One of them is the intellisense  that guides the user in the design of the electrical installation. In fact, it helps the user by suggesting which are the most likely components to connect to the selected one. The intellisense function allows you to accelerate the design time, reduce risks, optimize the entire process and make more reliable decisions.

Included catalogs, and creation of fully customizable user catalogs

elec calc™ guarantees from the starting point that your project is of the highest quality and meets all the required local and international standards. The software has a multi-manufacturer catalog and user catalog so the user can reach the highest level of customization and detail.


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