5 reasons why elec calc™ BIM is a state-of-an-art software

elec calc™ BIM is the first software in the world that perfectly integrates the electrical calculation into the Open BIM process.

1. The only Open BIM solution on the market

elec calc™ BIM enables the user to exchange with all the architecture software on the market, such as Revit, Archicad, etc thanks to the IFC4 format. To facilitate these exchanges, plugins are directly integrated into the architecture software, such as Revit,  to manage the links with elec calc™ BIM.

2. A complementary and autonomous tool for the architecture software

Once the model is imported in elec calc™ BIM the user can navigate thanks to its integrated viewer and generate the different views or sections expected. Thus, it is possible to manage the entire study in a single interface.

3. A software that adapts to the level of detail of your model

All project configurations will be manageable if all circuits have been marked in the model. The user can directly generate the single line diagram or, if necessary, describe all circuits in the elec calc™ BIM interface.

4. Cabling automatic routing feature

Automatic cable routing facilitates the creation of a cable list and guarantees the optimization of lengths. It is possible to manage cable segregation and perform checks to validate the sizing of the cable trays.

5. The ideal tool to face the BIM challange.

Indeed, it is possible to manage project revisions and exchanges thanks to the BCF reports. At the end of the study, the user can send back all the data of the mock-up to synchronize it with the architecture software.

By using elec calc™ BIM, professionals can benefit from the latest in electrical calculation efficiency within the BIM process. In fact, a more rigorous and integrated design leads to lower construction costs, through less waste. Furthermore, the software allows improved risk management as it is possible to count on more reliable information.


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