Are you using the right electrical CAD software by Trace Software International

Are you using the right electrical CAD software?

Electrical CAD has been used in certain industries for many years. Some industries have always required it for their precision designs of products. However, there is a common challenge affecting many companies’ ability to compete effectively within their industries today, that is using the wrong electrical CAD software.


Characteristics of an effective electrical CAD tool

Nowadays nothing works in isolation, this being true in our increasingly connected world.  It’s no surprise that, in an engineering environment, one of the ways the effectiveness of an electrical CAD tool is measured by the extent it can interact with other processes and systems. For example, when you use a sophisticated electrical CAD tool, but find you cannot integrate this information to other parts of your product development process, this limits the effectiveness of the system and the ability to meet deadlines.


Determine your requirements

The first step is to consider your current situation. Do you already have an electrical CAD software that is outdated or underperforming? Or are you a startup business looking to invest in such a tool for the first time? The answer to this question will determine how you start your search.


If your current CAD application needs to be replaced, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which areas of the software, specifically, are resulting in a slow pace of work?
  • Is the current system awkward and expensive when it comes to running on multiple computers?
  • Is the current system too big a cost?
  • What prompted your decision to reinvest in new CAD software?
  • Do the providers of your current software offer reliable support?


If you’re new to the business, here’s what you should be asking yourself:

  • Do you want to be productive in a short period of time?
  • Do you have a budget specifically for electrical CAD software or are funds tight?
  • Do you have one or more people that will need to access the CAD software?
  • What computer hardware do you have to hand?
  • Are you going to be designing products that have both electrical and mechanical components?


By taking advantage of the many capabilities of elecworks electrical CAD offers, more industries are finding ways of using our solutions as part of their product design processes. By doing so they are getting ahead of their competitors as well as making their own processes more efficient and less time constrained.

elecworks – our world renown electrical CAD/CAE software – has been specially designed for electrical and automation projects no matter what the size. Our electrical CAD software comes with many additional modules that can be further used to integrate the process design with other software and departments within companies.

Using our software reduces costly errors in the design process with quick selection of manufacturers’ references.  By using simulation and measurement capabilities to calculate the amount of material used in a product before it is constructed – keeps costs down.

elecworks™ allows you to use different kind of workflows according your engineering needs and further allows the ability for multiple users to concurrently access the same project. This feature ensures more efficiency during the working cycle thus reducing runtimes.

Our solutions are flexible, innovative and precise that enable faster project development while applying highest quality standards.

Written by James Glass



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The National Agency for the Promotion of SMEs of Morocco

Initiatives that matter: The National Agency for the Promotion of SMEs of Morocco

Trace Software International – the expert in the development of software solutions (CAD & CAE) for the industrial engineering since 1987- is thrilled to announce that the company is collaborating with The National Agency for the Promotion of SMEs of Morocco.

The National Agency for the Promotion of SMEs of Morocco offers an intensive program called “Industrial Acceleration Plan”  dedicated to the creation of a competitive entrepreneurial ecosystem by 2020.

This challenging initiative aims to create a strategic framework for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises with a high growth potential, within which specific objectives are set such as strengthening competitiveness, increasing operational performance, stimulating creativity, sharpening expertise and attract investments.

Companies that access this Industrial Acceleration Plan can therefore enjoy a myriad of benefits: training by experts in the high-level sector, identification of areas of strength and weakness of their company, launch of new projects, technical assistance, development of the digital sector, executive coaching and mentoring among the most important.

Trace Software International is proud to participate as a registered supplier to the network of high level industrial experts. At this juncture, the company role is to guide the economic growth of small businesses and industrial SMEs through professional know-how and through the implementation of software solutions that improve the quality and the efficiency of the engineering process.

These are the latest companies who have already made the decision to work with Trace Software International in this considerable initiative:


Petradis – The company dedicated to the design, installation, maintenance of high voltage and low voltage electrical installations has adopted:


  • elec calc™ : the software package that enables the calculation of low voltage and high voltage electrical installations in real-time.
  • elecworks™: the electrical CAD software for the design of automation projects and electrical installations.
  • archelios™ Calc: the complete software solution for calculation, sizing and control of photovoltaic installations connected to the public grid.
  • archelios™ Pro: the software for the photovoltaic  design and yield prediction whatever its size.
  • elec calc™ EP : the software for the electrical design of a public lighting system.


Lights and Technology – the company range of expertise goes from the design to the production and maintenance of electrical systems and infrastructures in railway installations, airport equipment and facilities and electrical civil engineering. Apart from elec calc™ and elecworks™, the company has also adopted elec calc™ EP.

PPrime –the engineering company specialized in the design of the electrical installation and renewable energy is now using elecworks™, elec calc™ and archelios™.

MECF – it was funded to provide efficient solutions to respond to the growing needs of engineering, project, safety and environment management within the Oil, Chemical, Mining, Energy and Manufacturing Industries. The solution the company opted for is elec calc™.

Thanks to The National Agency for the Promotion of SMEs of Morocco, companies can access to a financial fund (from 50% up to 70% of the total amount of investment) which makes the software tools acquisition process easier.

With more than 30 years of experience in unique expertise in the design of electrical installations, it is possible to affirm that electrical engineering is in the company DNA.

Trace Software International not only provides its software solution but accompanies the companies throughout the business journey providing training and support with the aim of implementing entirely a new tech-based operational approach and promoting their long-term economic growth.


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why is PLM so important by Trace Software International

Why is Product Lifecycle Management so important?

When we talk about Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) we are not just talking about technology. Rather, this term refers to a strategic approach concerning the management of information, processes, people and technologies involved in the design, production, validation, market launch, support, maintenance and possible dissolution of a product or service.

Engineering processes are really complex and the adoption of a PLM integrated software may be absolutely necessary to increase efficiency and quality, reducing costs and errors occurring.

The PLM therefore provides an integrated and essential framework for defining processes, organizing collaborative work methodologies, managing resources and information with multiple objectives. Amongst the most important:


  • Time optimization (such as time to market), costs and quality
  • Optimization of communication and interdisciplinary collaboration processes including suppliers, customers, partners, assistance / maintenance and other interested parties.
  • Optimization of safety monitoring and component control information
  • Optimization of the management of the Engineering Bills of Material, Manufacturing Bills of Material and various documents
  • Automation of product data management
  • Integration of data with other business processes such as corporate resource planning


The operating logic of the PLM is based on the shared access of information, resources and processes related to a product or service throughout its life cycle. This strategic and integrated approach allows to have a single and fundamental data archive also necessary to identify those areas or phases in which it is possible to boost innovation.

Already adopted by thousands of professionals around the world, elecworks™ is the electrical CAD software for automation projects and electrical installations. It has been designed to be an easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful tool of the latest generation, with features that offer innovative and unlimited benefits.

elecworks™ for PTC® Windchill® is a link that operates with PTC® and its Product Lifecycle Management  tool Windchill® which will enable you to control data access, manage revision control and full documentation through new automated abilities.  

The automatic integration between elecworks™ 2018 and PTC® Windchill®  ensures the integrity of the design of the project thanks to the centralized management of all the development stages, while encouraging greater interaction among all the participants in the engineering project.

PTC® Windchill® is also a unique tool for Product Lifecycle Management ready for the IoT.


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The digitalization of the construction industry in Italy by Trace Software International

Digitalization in the construction industry in Italy

What is the current Italian situation regarding the implementation of BIM in the country? What are the decisions of the Italian government regarding the digital revolution in the construction industry?

In this changing scenario, characterized by the acclaimed adoption of BIM throughout the world, the need to establish the basic concepts and methods of the process is almost logical.

The buildingSmart international arose as an organization to guide the development of openBIM (IFC) standards. We are talking a about a real global reference point for learning the openBIM competence.

The BIM Task Group is another good example to analyze the efforts to create common guidelines and promote the digital change in the construction industry.  The Task Group’s vision is to encourage the common use of BIM, as ‘digital construction’, in public works with the common aim of improving value for public money, quality of the public estate and for the sustainable competitiveness of industry.

In Italy, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Graziano Delrio said: “Digital innovations for the construction sector already belong to the present and future of Italian construction. The decree is soon to be issued and we expect benefits in terms of quality and sustainability in the management of public assets. “

In Italy the mandatory implementation time of BIM is organized in three phases.

BIM will be mandatory from 2019, only for works valued at more than 100 million euros.

From 2019 to 2022, the BIM implementation strategy envisages the extension of the BIM parameters’ progressive obligation also for those particularly complex constructions requiring particular safety standards, regardless of the economic value of the project.

From 2022 the mandatory use of BIM is foreseen for all construction projects.

Last October the Digital&BIM Italia –  the unmissable event on «innovation and digital transformation of the industry and the built environment» – had taken place.  This has been the first and most important Italian event dedicated to the digital transformation of the construction sector. It has been an invitation to reflect on the new protocols and tools related to BIM, as well as on successful practices in Europe.

Trace Software International, always in the forefront of innovation, attended the event together with its partner BIM&CO to present its new software elec calc™ BIM.

elec calc ™ BIM stands out for being the only electrical CAD software capable of meeting the challenge of the digital revolution of the construction industry, otherwise known as BIM, and satisfying its demands. This is the first calculation software that perfectly integrates elec calc ™ – the instrument used for the sizing of electrical systems – with different drawing software, allowing the import of the digital model in  ICF4 format generated by any 3D architectural software (Revit, Archicad …). You can run several simulations to compare possible routing alternatives. The 3D model allows you to detect if there are collisions and if this happens, the information is sent directly to the designer thanks to the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) so you can solve the problem and correct the model.

 The user of elec calc™ BIM will be able to access all the information and data concerning the BIM objects of the BIM&CO platform.

elec calc™ BIM promotes synergies and interoperability to improve design reliability and safety, as well as project quality and overall construction management.

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The multi-selling points of elec calc ™

The complexity of electrical calculations is a major issue nowadays and without an appropriate software are impossible to even imagine.  elec calc™ is the CAE software solution dedicated to the sizing of electrical installations, the only one in the world that allows integrating the management of high and low voltage in the same project and in compliance with international standards (IEC, NF C 15 -100, RGIE/AREI…).

Which are the industries this software tool can be used? Which are the benefits?



elec calc™ facilitates the best design quality and shorter development time with increased productivity along with standardization. Overall design accuracy is guaranteed to ensure correct sizing of high and low voltage electrical installations.

Advantage values:

  • Exceptional calculation performance in real-time
  • Automatic sizing feature to optimize the design
  • Single-line diagrams (synoptic and folios) exploitable to the AutoCAD® format


The quality of the power supply and validation of calculations according to various international and national standards is important, that’s why elec calc™ incorporates these key requirements according to the selected standards.

Advantage values:

  • Cost reduction and energy saving on designs of installations
  • Ensures optimum sizing and verifying the installation


elec calc™ suite is composed by a range of software applications that ensures optimal sizing of the installation and proper maintenance throughout the installation’s life cycle: from design, works supervision, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and dismantling.

Advantage values:

  • Flexible editing, exporting and printing functions
  • Time-saving personalization features

Critical Facilities

It is essential to ensure the correct behavior of critical facilities such as hospitals, data processing centers or facilities in mining, with elec calc™

Advantage values:

  • Management of the geographical structure of the installation and relevant environment parameters
  • Management of operating modes to simulate and control different installation configurations (normal operation, standby, maintenance…) and guarantee security

With elec calc™ save money and reduce costly errors in the design process with the quick selection of manufacturers’ or users’ references and verification of installation sizing. This robust software offers critical calculations for factors such as earthing systems, cable ampacity, short circuit currents, thermal stresses, voltage drops and discrimination studies between protections are key, for the continuation of supply.

Discrimination Studies

A good discrimination study allows the coordination of different protections at different levels of the installation, to guarantee the continuity of supply and service within critical installations in case of failure (short circuits and overloads).

HVLV in One Solution

elec calc ™ is designed to manage installations with multiple voltage levels, both HV and LV in the same project, in alternating current for frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz. The full calculation of the installation is carried out each time a change is made to the installation.


elec calc™ is a unique electrical software which allows the use of all possible source types including UPS in all operating modes. Also, it allows the use of all possible types of receivers as well as capacitors for reactive power compensation.

Using this software solution will reduce design times for projects while simultaneously reducing project costs.

elec calc™ provides engineers, installers, developers, energy producers/distributors and manufacturers with a powerful tool for sizing electrical installations. Within the field of design and calculation, we help ensure the rapid development of your projects and high-quality electrical calculations are essential in today’s marketplace.


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