Do you need to display all the manufacturer information assigned to a component in the scheme?


This trick will show how to display all the manufacturer information assigned to a component in the scheme.



It is possible on the new elecworks 2018 version.
Go to Library menu > Symbols manager command, and open the symbol you need to customize, for instance:


Then go to Edit symbol menu > Insert attribute command, there are new attributes for manufacturer and reference information:


elecworks 2017 version has a different attribute correspondence:


The elecworks 2018 version data updating process will update #REF_DES_1 to #REF_MAN and #REF_DES_2 to #REF_REF automatically.

Insert #REF_MAN_ALL and #REF_REF_ALL attributes in the symbol:


Save changes, go to the drawing where -Q1 is inserted and update the symbol:


You will have this result:


You can go back to the symbol and use the Multiple attribute command from the Edit symbol menu:


In order to obtain a more accurate result:


It represents a quality improvement in your documentation.

energy management by Trace Software

The Effective Digital Energy Management

Nowadays, investing in effective energy management reaps greater potential on rate of return (ROI´s) by adopting a holistic approach to improving energy consumption within manufacturing facilities and services.

It has been reported that there has been an important growth in energy consumption globally in recent years due to increased globalization and outsourcing. Recent studies have shown that if the global consumption of fossil fuels continues then the reserves of oil, coal and gas will last a further 40, 200 and 70 years, approximately.

Global warming is being caused by Green House Gas (GHG). Many countries have started to focus on energy conservation and energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gases. Many new technologies have been developed to address energy efficiency. Industries are asking themselves whether new technologies available are appropriate to make any real impact for businesses and how much can they save in terms of energy and cost.

One other issue with implementing new technologies in the industrial sector is the cost of investment and the rate of return (ROI). This leads to energy analysis within industries to evaluate the existing systems and arrive at commendations for saving energy.

Nowadays, manufacturing facilities and services need are highly competitive. Energy is one of the key factors in reducing operating costs. Energy conservation is also one of the supports of sustainability and sustainable energy development.

Digital Energy Management concentrates on planning and implementation of energy related objectives such as cost savings, resource preservation, carbon footprint reduction.

The initial design stage of an energy management system is vital to maximise energy savings without compromising on function or comfort. Trace Software International has over 30 years’ experience in the electrical CAD design, electrical calculation and photovoltaics software that helps with the design of digital energy management systems for many industrial businesses.

Currently, the energy industry is experiencing a vital change due to the demand from various types of industries. Decentralization and digitization entail new processes, new business models and not least new IT solutions, which can be combined with current IT settings.


Core functions

An inclusive energy management system not only allows users to gain insights into energy usage as the starting point of the PDCA process (Plan-Do-Check-Act) methodology, a four-step management method for repeated process improvement, is therefore critical but also helps monitor power network quality and optimize electrical equipment use.  Using energy management can improves equipment reliability and reduces downtime through the following:


  • Actionable insights
  • Electrical equipment optimization
  • Electrical network improvement


One such software solution that we offer to help aid the growing energy management trend is called: elec calc™. This software is the accurate tool to design electrical installations or electrical projects enabling an efficient management of the energy.  elec calc™ is a software package that enables the calculation of low voltage and high voltage electrical installations in real-time, complying with various international standards.

Not only does this mean you can manage, monitor and control at the design stages more efficiently, but it also means data can be analysed from a greater viewpoint with the detection and elimination of energy inefficiencies seen earlier.

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