Trace Software will exhibit at Elec Expo in Marocco

Elec Expo Fair Event in Casablanca

Trace Software International, leading company in the creation of design software solutions for the electrical engineering for 30 years, is thrilled to announce that will exhibit at the 11th edition of Elec Expo in Casablanca (Morocco),  4th – 7th October 2017.

Elec Expo is the International Exhibition of Electricity, Lighting, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Automation. This is the essential and international rendezvous where the various professional players, customers, prospects, competitors, prescribers and institutional investors will meet to choose partners and seek solutions.

Ready to shape the future of the industry, Trace Software International will showcase its three leading star software solutions: elec calc™ BIM, elecworks™ and archelios™ O&M for the factories and buildings of today and tomorrow.

Trace Software International will be welcoming you at booth J31 during all the trade show event.


Software Solutions for the Building Industry Leaders


elec calc™ BIM

 elec calc™ BIM stands out as the exclusive electrical design solution satisfying the upcoming BIM challenges. This is the world’s first calculating software that seamlessly integrates elec calc™-  the electrical tool used in sizing projects – with different design platforms such as Revit or ArchiCAD and any other architectural 3D BIM software. elec calc™ BIM is the next step to fully integrate your electrical data into the BIM process.

elec calc™ BIM foments synergies and interoperability aimed to improve the design reliability and safety, the quality of the project and the overall management of the construction.

Electrical engineers can complete all aspects of electrical design including power and lighting, fire alarm, communications, security systems, and other building services in a single environment.

BIM is shaping the future of the construction industry. Therefore, we have teamed up the avant-garde BIM&CO – the professional community where the users can publish quality objects and manufactures can publish construction product data, making the platform a unique source for all BIM objects and data used in the digital mock-up projects. elec calc™ BIM user gains access to all the information and data regarding the BIM objects, amongst other benefits.

With BIM representing the essential digital revolution in the building industry, elec calc™ BIM is the unique electrical design solution aimed to those who do not want to stay behind. Discover all the advantages here: elec calc BIM


elecworks™ 2018 – the latest release


elecworks™ is the new generation electrical CAD software for the design of automation projects and electrical installations. With 30 years of experience, it possible to affirm electrical engineering is in the company DNA. Available in 16 languages, elecworks™ is also the best-selling electrical CAD solution worldwide.

The latest features of elecwork™ 2018 include:


  • Automatic multi-level bridges bring automation to the next stage. It allows saving time when defining bridges for terminals that share the same equipotential.
  • Natural sort is also a considerable advantage when it comes to draw time saving
  • Automatic routing for PTC®Creo® The first ever product able to work in real time with the mechanical research department using the digital model of the 3D project. Now you also will route cables and wires by your paths and ducts.
  • Automatic integration between elecworks™ 2018 and PTC Windchill (PLM) which guarantees the integrity of your design project.

It is easy to get started. You can now learn more about this cutting-edge design software solution and download a 30-day free trial version


archelios™ O&M


This is the last addition to the archelios™ suite, the 360º solution you need to manage the entire photovoltaic project. Feasibility and profitability study, simulation, calculation of the producible, electrical sizing until the building details, this all in one software solution is intended for PV installations of all types: on roofs, plants, linked to the network and on isolated sites, in self-subsistence with or without energy storage. This tool is composed by a portfolio of software solutions able to satisfy a wide array of expected needs in the photovoltaic project reaching high levels of impeccable quality and great interactivity to gain in terms of control and productivity.


archelios™ O&M shows a unique approach on BIM for PV. This software brings all the benefits of PVBIM mock-up design to advanced PV monitoring.


More of its main unexcelled features:


  • any data is internally and automatically attached to devices of a full 3D and electrical system description. Links are thus exhaustive and error free.
  • Default 2 screens application always showing 2D or 3D view with permanent dynamic links between displayed data and plant structure.
  • Viewing production data in the map of the plant.
  • Thanks to the PV BIM, all data is referenced to BIM and users can import and access any document from any representation of the plant including 3D view.




Elec Expo will take place in Casablanca International Fairgrounds- OFEC from 4th – 7th October 2017.

This fair event, with a remarkable international character, is part of The FENELEC trade fairs (Elec expo, EneR Event, Tronica Expo) which in the last 2016 edition attracted no less than 7133 professional visitors from 33 different nationalities.

With an exhibition space of over 7,000 m², where 205 exhibitors from 17 countries will present their expertise, the fair event declares itself as an unmissable hub of the electrical, electronical and sustainable energy industries.

Moreover, Morocco is the only country on the continent to be connected to the European network, particularly the trio France-Spain-Portugal.

Trace Software International is looking forward to welcoming you at booth J31 during all the trade show event.



How can I reuse 2D cabinet layout drawings?


This trick will allow to increase the quality of your project and help you to design faster your panel drawings, thanks to a feature implemented in 2017 release.


First step is to create a 2D cabinet layout as usual, inserting the different materials, like the cabinet, rails, ducts, etc. Even dimensions can be added too.

Draw a cabinet layout in elecworks

After cabinet has been set as the desired template, from the documents browser, it will be saved as project macro through the command “Create project macro”

Project macro creation command in elecworks

Data for macro should be filled under user’s decision

Data of macro should be filled in by user

The template is ready to be used in any other project, for that, just use insert project macro command from documents browser.

Project macro insertion command in elecworks

Select the macro, and in the paste special dialog, select the proper values (keep, create or associate) for any object type.

Paste special dialog in elecworks

Special attention with location, for projects with several locations, done in the project before to insert the cabinet template, the location should be associated to an existing one in order to work properly.

Location association in cabinets elecworks


Now users can have different templates for cabinets, saving a lot of time and standardizing projects.


CAD Drafting Trends in Engineering

The engineering sector and in nearly every industry, is saturated with complex, large-scale projects which demand high precision and design software solutions even before the project development starts.

The concept of CAD is quite easy and really helps any designer to visualize what needs to be focused on, however, with the growing intricacy of engineering projects, this means that today’s engineers, designers etc… face the need to design, test and prepare for manufacture while managing huge amounts of data and with limited time. With precise attention to detail, they need to deliver a final product that is dimensionally accurate and layered in an accurate model with all the necessary aspects required – for a successful design.

Our electrical CAD software elecworks™ has been developed to support the simulation, validation, and optimization of designs. Over the years there has been growing end-customer demand, for new and advanced products that need to be brought to market more quickly, in a highly competitive global market that already has challenges with strict regulations.

That is why Trace Software International is at the forefront for a multitude of electrical software design solutions for:

When electrical CAD is used for engineering projects, it is often referred to as CAE (Computer Aided Engineering).  CAE software includes typical CAD drafting tools, but may also encompass computer-aided analysis (CAA), computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), material requirements planning (MRP), and computer-aided planning (CAP).  CAD software programs are used broadly in lots of industries, including vehicle manufacture, ship building, construction, manufacturing of all types.

Our elecworks™ is an electrical CAD system designed for professionals in engineering. The software is based on a digital model representative database installation or machine. This database allows to work on different views, depending on project needs, while ensuring the integrity of project data. It also allows the simultaneous collaborative work on the same project.

Key features:

  • Auto-routing technology provides highly simplified automatic routing of wires, cables, and harnesses from within a 3D CAD model.
  • Detailed routing information is available instantly to all project user.
  • Electrical schematics design, PLC, terminal strips, reports, cabinet layout.
  • Automated electrical design functions.
  • Video of elecworks™

Engineering industries, especially mechanized engineering firms, use CAD in many ways. Beginning from making engineering sketches to 2D/3Dmodeling, CAD can be used in a lot of the production process.

Modern day electrical CAD software replaces the tedious efforts of manual drafting with an automated process – electrical CAD software is an important tool which enables engineers to virtually see the product, analyze it and make corrections if and when required. CAD software allows engineers and others to have a full idea of the product and its physical characteristics long before production starts.

“Trace Software´s solutions, especially elecworks™,  have become more innovative each and every year with the introduction of the latest software versions – we constantly meet our customer’s business needs…” said Dr. Pedro Puig, CEO of Trace Software International.

Trace Software´s electrical CAD software also enables for objects to may be seen from the any position.

Having the ability to analyze a design and learn about any flaws before starting the production process is attractive for any designer…

By James Glass – The Tech Insider @ tracesoftware

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elecworks™ 2018 : new integration with Windchill, greater level of customization and enhanced automatic routing in 3D for PTC® Creo® .

Trace Software International is thrilled to announce the launch of the newest version of its star design software solution:  elecworks™ 2018. Available in 14 languages, elecworks™ is the best-selling electrical CAD solution worldwide.

Since the early beginnings, Trace Software International (TSI), has been a successful company committed to the development of solutions and services for the engineering industry, specializing in electrical design software.

With 30 years of unique expertise in the design of tools for the creation of electrical projects, it is possible to affirm electrical engineering is in the company DNA.

Trusted by thousands of professionals worldwide, elecworks™ is the electrical CAD system for automation projects and electrical installations. It has been designed as a next generation, easy-to-use, intuitive & powerful tool which offers innovative and unlimited benefits.


Newest Features:


Time is money, especially when it comes to managing electrical and automatization projects in the engineering industry.  How does elecworks™ 2018 add value to the engineering design project in your company?

Amongst the latest features:


  • Automatic bridges bring automation to the next level. As a result, it automatically connects two terminals with the same equipotential or two terminals connected to the same wire, saving valuable design time.


  • Natural sort is also a considerable advantage when it comes to the design process, saving time.


  • Higher level of customization. Now it is possible to set and customize an array of different properties when it comes to the symbols attributes inserted in a project. Apart from the chance of setting a specific style for the project, the user can also add different parameters to each drawing, such as layers, line types and text styles.


  • Enhanced automatic routing in 3D for PTC®Creo® The first ever product able to work in a bidirectional and real-time synchronization with the mechanical research department using the digital model of the 3D project. Now you will be also able to route the wires the elements through the ducts inserted in the 3D model or define your own path inside the cabinet.


  • Automatic integration between elecworks™ 2018 and Windchill (PLM) which guarantees the integrity of your design project thanks to the centralized management of all the stages of development, fomenting at the same time a great interaction in between all partners.


  • New classification manager so you can now add your own classification to the symbols, parts, title blocks.


  • Deferred update Mode. Thanks to our new deferred mode feature, users can reduce and save drawing-time for schemes, in large projects.


It is easy to get started. You can now learn more about this cutting-edge design software solution and download a 30-day free trial version: FREE TRIAL.

Customers with an active subscription will be able to download this new version directly from the software. Purchase options include flexible subscription terms to fit your needs and personalized customer experience and support.



Trace Software International Teams Up with avant-garde BIM&CO

Trace Software International (TSI) – successful company with 30 years of experience in the development of software solutions for industry engineering and with a unique expertise in the design of electrical installations-  has teamed up with the avant- guarde BIM&CO to empower the benefits of his cutting-edge software elec calc™ BIM.

Trace Software International and BIM&CO team up to provide elec calc™ BIM-the electrical design software solution-  with the ultimate competitive advantage.

elec calc™ BIM is the company latest addition: a leading-edge solution aimed to the electrical engineering industry. It stands out as the unique electrical design solution responding to the BIM challenges. This is the world’s first calculating software that seamlessly integrates elec calc™-  the electrical equipment used in sizing projects – with different design platforms and architectural 3D models. elec calc™ BIM promotes synergies and interoperability aimed to improve the design reliability and safety, the quality of the project and the overall management of the construction.

Trace Software International could not find a better partner then BIM&CO.  In fact, elec calc™ BIM user will be enabled to gain a direct access to all the information and data regarding the BIM objects in the open platform of BIM&CO.  Finally, all the calculated data and added properties will be sent back to Revit, in addition to all the calculation notes and data regarding the one-line diagram.

BIM&CO is a promising start up, which has just successfully closed a financial round of 2€ million investments from Normandie Participations, NFactory, Bpifrance and the Normandy region.

Our partner – The BIM Contents Company – free and cloud based, is also highly social and collaborative. This is the professional community space where the users can publish quality objects and manufactures can publish construction product data, making BIM&CO a unique source for all BIM objects and data.

With BIM (Building Information Modelling) representing the disrupting digital revolution in the construction industry, BIM&CO vision is to become the world reference platform for the distribution of high quality structured data for the digital mock-up sector.

The open platform has been designed to facilitate the work of manufacturers facing the challenges of the BIM world. Manufacturers must, in fact, structure and disseminate product data from their catalogs for the different construction actors in a specific formalism for the realization of BIM projects.

Trace Software International and BIM&CO are both parts of Groupe Trace. This giant includes TraceParts, as a world-leading digital engineering 3D content company, Cythelia as an independent research firm in new energy technologies, specializing in photovoltaics and Green Systèmes as an innovating company which main purpose is to help professionals optimizing the energy performance of their buildings and equipment.





What can BIM do for you?

The concept of BIM or Building Information Modelling is quite simple, it is the process for creating and managing information for a construction project lifecycle.  The Building Information Model – the digital description of each aspect of the building process, is one of the key elemental outputs of the process.

The model draws on the collaborative information assembled and updated at key stages of the project. Creating a digital Building Information Model allows those who work with or interact with the building to optimize actions offering a greater whole life value.

“BIM is not a piece of software, it’s a way to do things.”

BIM has created a digital revolution within the construction industry. BIM creates value for combined efforts of people, process technology within the project. BIM is Modelling information and information Management. BIM is a new way of working. BIM sets a new way for team to work to the same standards and values.

Bringing together all the information to one place. This helps in creating the documentation faster but provides stringent quality assurance. Anyone can access the information allowing better integration of the project to come together more effectively that reduces the risk or errors and costs.

The data from BIM can be used to illustrate an entire building life-cycle from the initial concept and design to demolition and possible materials that can be recycled, systems, products can be shown in relative scale, relative to the entire project. BIM prevents errors by signaling conflict detection, preventing errors from popping up at various points in the development or construction stages.

“BIM is an evolution.”

A key aspect to consider is that BIM aims to minimize or eliminate information loss through the process of design, construction and operation of a building.   At each stage structured information should be added to the BIM.  This information will allow the design team to make informed decisions at the correct time, de-risking the project and ensuring that a better building is delivered.

Change Management

Data is stored in a central place, in a BIM model, any modification to the building design will automatically replicate in each view such as floor plans, sections and elevation.

Building Simulation

BIM models not only contain architectural data but the full depth of the building information including data related to the different engineering disciplines such as the load-bearing structures, all the ducts and pipes of the different building systems and even sustainability information as well with which all the characteristics of a building can easily be simulated well in advance.

Data Management

BIM contains information that is not visually represented. Scheduling information, for example clarifies the necessary manpower, coordination and anything that might affect the outcome of the project schedule.

It is needless to say that all these data put in a BIM model is not only useful during the design and construction phase of a building project but can be used throughout the entire building lifecycle helping to reduce the operation and management cost of buildings.

elec calc™ BIM  

elec calc™  BIM is our new interaction tool facilitating the synergy between a 3D model and the electrical sizing and calculation that all meet the IFC protocols.

Features include:

  • Flexible sizing of cables according to the lengths in the 3D model
  • Graphical interface is configurable and available in several languages
  • Intellisense: a smart design feature

“BIM is a system because it can be described as a unified entity consisting of many interacting parts, some physical, others not.”

Many say that BIM is a type of software, others say BIM is the 3D virtual model of buildings and some say BIM is a process or BIM is nothing more than the collection of building data structured into an easy to look at base for both for data.

As hardware, software and cloud applications give greater capability to handle increasing amounts of raw data and information. BIM gives a virtual representation of the building, available for study before construction begins.

The future of the construction industry is changing to digital, and BIM is at the forefront of design and long-term facility management; driven by technology and clear processes; and it is implementing change across all industries.


By James Glass

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