Agreement between Trace Software and Ivory Coast

Historic Agreement Signed Between Trace Software International, Cythelia Energy and Ivory Coast

BARCELONA, Spain (December 2, 2016) – [NEWS] Trace Software International and Cythelia Energy are proud to announce the signature of a major agreement with the Ivorian Renewable Energy Association (AIENR).

Leading the Way

For the past years Ivory Coast has been devoted at fighting global warming and preserving our fragile environment.
Created in 2014, the AIENR is aimed at helping the government putting in place these public policies. Its main mission is to help reduce the consumption of fossil energies – petroleum, gas and charcoal – in Ivory Coast.

In charge of promoting and expanding the use of green energies, the AIENR leads the way to a more sustainable and eco-responsible Ivorian society.
Sharing the same firm convictions as Trace Software International, the AIENR naturally got in touch with our company to help it achieve its goals.
The AIENR’s President, Mr. Edi Boraud, met Mr. Mehdi Bouikhif, General Manager at Trace Software Morocco and his team on November 17, 2016 during the COP22 in Marrakesh (Morocco).

An Ambitious Partnership

Multifaceted, the agreement covers both short and long term objectives:
– To support the AIENR in its efforts to promote and expand the use of renewable energies all over the country,
– To help the association, professionals, companies and civil society reduce their carbon footprint in the long run.

Different measures will be put in place in order to reach these multiple goals.
On one hand, the AIENR has now at its disposal our software archelios to manage efficiently photovoltaic constructions and increase the production of solar energy. On the other hand, Trace Software International is committed at guarantying and providing the most efficient and dedicated customer service during the entire implementation process. Our teams will be in charge of teaching and training professionals all over the country, in addition to supporting the AIENR during exhibitions and fairs.

“We are all very proud of this agreement between the AIENR and Trace Software. It represents a great step for both our company and Ivory Coast in the development and promotion of green energies. We are committed at supporting their efforts to increase renewable energies production and consumption thanks to our performant software archelios and our ongoing client support and service. This partnership certifies our strong ties with Africa. Plus it also shows our determination to provide photovoltaic professionals with solutions that match their needs perfectly,” Mehdi Bouikhif said.

Local media, such as Radiodiffusion Télévision Ivorienne (TSI), have started relaying the news, highlighting the importance of this agreement:
Helping countries and companies be more sustainable has always been a top priority for Trace Software International. This historical partnership between our company and the AIENER is another step towards that direction. Global cooperation is essential to fight against global warming: strengthening our links with Ivory Coast is mandatory. Together let’s make the world a better place for the future generations.