Thank You for Visiting Us During our 2016 Road Show

BARCELONA, Spain (November 25, 2016) – [NEWS] This fall Trace Software International took the road for you. For more than a month, our teams traveled all over France and Belgium to meet our valued clients and prospects.

From September 9th until October 19th 2016, we stopped by Belgium and all the biggest French cities such as Bordeaux, Le Havre, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Marseilles, Strasbourg, Toulouse and Paris to present the most effective calculation software on the market.

trace software roadshow 2016

The 2016 Road Show was successful: more than 300 people came to meet our devoted teams and discover the latest version of our competitive elec calc.

“Hitting the road to present and promote elec calc was very exciting and gratifying. We worked hard to make this event a success. And it was: hundreds of people stopped by to see our solutions and know more about the ‘version 3.0 of calculation.’ It was a pleasure to meet and talk directly to our current and future clients. We all are very grateful so many people came to our event,” Mustafa Sardi, Sales Director at Trace Software, said.

Trace Software International is committed at always being closer to its clients and prospects. We truly believe that face-to-face interactions and direct feedback from customers are the foundation of any successful business. Beyond presenting our efficient calculation solution, the 2016 Road Show was a great way to strengthen our links with our user base as well as expand our client portfolio. Maintaining good, beneficial and personalized relationships with our clients is a top priority.

Trace Software International would like to thank all the people who visited us and make this event successful and prosperous. Nothing would have been possible without you. We look forward to seeing you all in 2017 during our future events and exhibitions!

Trace Software announces the launching of the eshop

Trace Software International Announces New e-Shop Launching

Barcelona, Spain (November 24, 2016) – [NEWS] Trace Software International is proud to announce the launching of its new e-Shop. Our team has been working intensively in order to offer our valued customers the finest shopping platform on the market. Accessible via Trace Software website, our new e-Shop covers all our solutions and products making our rich portfolio now easy to browse.

Trace Software announces the launching of the eshop

Interactivity at Heart

Available in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish), it is updated regularly so visitors always have access to the most accurate technical information. Customer-friendly and easy to use, our e-Shop is also highly interactive. In addition to its refined design, pictures and videos are available on each product page to give our clients a more in-depth understanding of our solutions. Additionally, our new platform allows visitors to share with others the products they like on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

The Flexibility to Consume

Our company puts a lot of efforts on always being more flexible so we can meet our clients’ needs effectively, at all times. Convenient and cost-friendly, our “Pay-per-use” model is a new step towards more freedom for our users:

  • Payment based on service usage – you pay for only what you use.
  • Three types of license available – define the duration that best suits your requirements (1, 2 or 3 years).
  • Three types of subscription – enjoy our product in addition to all the services and advantages associated to your subscription (Silver, Gold or Platinum).
  • Direct support – do not hesitate to click on “Ask for a quote” if you need any further information. Our multilingual sales representatives will be glad to help and guide you during the whole purchasing process.

Visit our new e-Shop now and enjoy the best of eCommerce. Feel free to give us some feedback on our social media pages: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google Plus.

What's new in elecworks 2017

What’s New in elecworks 2017

BARCELONA, Spain (November 21, 2016) – [NEWS] Available since October, elecworks 2017 includes new features and enhancements focused on improving performance and agility in designing your electrical and automation projects.

For more information about the new features in elecworks 2017, you can check software help.

You can find new features in major areas:

1. User interface
2. Project
3. Reports
4. Library



New options built into the user interface to speed up the design of electrical projects

CAD properties panel

Beside the electrical properties tab in the dockable panel, a new tab showing CAD properties is now available. Thanks to a side menu, it is now easier to access CAD drawing tools (line, polyline, etc.). They can be used in your electrical projects.

Identify undo and redo actions

The command “undo and redo” displays now a list summarizing all your previous actions, allowing you either to go back to any of your past actions or to cancel all of them. Thanks to this record of previous actions, the user can go back directly to a specific action he would like to undo/redo.


New features and enhancements for an integrated project management

Automated generation of electrical drawings. XLS automation*

elecworks includes the capacity to generate electrical schemes in an automated way through an Excel file. This option allows the user to get an advanced configuration of his projects thanks to the specifications he has previously created in a spreadsheet.
With the software, is supplied a customizable template that the user can adapt to his needs. Thus he can generate any standard electrical project automatically considering different types of configuration. These configurations permit the creation of any type of projects by automating the process of generation and standardization of your documentation.
*Not included in the standard license

Revision clouds

We also have created a new graphical representation, the “revision clouds,” aimed at showing or highlighting the parts of the drawing that have been reviewed/modified.
These clouds are useful to inform the user about any modification done on the project, allowing him to identify visually all the changes following the different revisions made.

Cloud Screenshot


Renumbering documents

A new interface has been added and is aimed at renumbering all the documents of your projects such as collections, folders and drawings. This new option facilitates your work: it is now more precise and less time-consuming.

Renumbering Screenshot


Adding shortcuts

This new feature allows the user to create a direct access to a document stored outside elecworks.
Added to the project as a drawing or data file, this shortcut will appear in the “Documents” tab on the lateral panel. Thanks to it, the user has now the possibility to add to the project any related documentations.

Copy/Paste with insertion point

With this new version, it is now possible to define a specific insertion point to copy/paste graphical entities.
The user can define an insertion point before copying entities or creating macros, and thus save time and avoid post edition.

Components edition (from components tree)

From the components tree, it is now possible to drag the components and then to either place them in a different location or change the nesting. For instance, it is possible to drag a group of terminals and change its terminal strip from the component tree, or you can copy the PLC structure from the component tree without using PLC manager.

elec live. Your projects where and whenever you want

With your active subscription, working in collaboration with other departments or clients is now easier than ever thanks to elec live. This unique online application allows you to view and share your electrical projects with your suppliers, customers or coworkers in real time, from anywhere.
Accessible from any devices (PC, tablet or smartphone), this outstanding app is a new step for companies to ensure a better preventive and predictive maintenance of their facilities, or customer service, among other advantages.

Propagate data

A new feature has been created to propagate data through connected objects. In other words, users can now copy an object information like the numbering of the equipotential with the terminal, or the PLC with the wire and the terminal.


Get the information you need at all times in an intuitive way

Automatic update of reports and terminal strip drawings

The goal of this new feature is to ensure that your project data are updated when your project is printed or exported to PDF.
A new order has been created, designed to force the update of files – such as reports or terminal strip drawings – that are automatically generated.

Navigation in reports

A new specific column in your “Reports” folder allows you to navigate to the corresponding element in the project that you would like to open or display.
This new option will also be available in the “Design rules,” to make your navigation easier. Identifying, reporting and fixing a problem is now simpler than ever.

Navigate Screenshot


More options for your electrical symbol library

Symbol attributes display

With the edition mode, attribute value or description can be seen. This option can be visible or hidden.
Our new version helps you edit and create symbols or titleblocks with multiple attributes. Thus it allows you to view the final result without inserting symbols or creating a new document.

Super parts

A super part is a special component that gathers various references under a unique material reference.
When a super part is assigned, all the related references are automatically associated to the component. This will help the user being more agile when it comes to the assignation of references.

Macro converter

Available on our Electrical Content Portal (ECP), our macro converter allows you to convert macros from your old software in order to use them directly in elecworks. It will help you save time by avoiding to re-design the macros. They can also be shared with the rest of the elecworks community.

Active subscribers can download this new version from Trace Software support area.
The full list of the new features and improvements of our 2017 version are avalaible in the Help menu or by pressing the F1 key.

Download the features brochure of elecworks 2017

From Brown to Green Economy

BARCELONA, Spain (November 16, 2016) – [ANALYSIS]

A pact with the planet

With the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework adopted by the European Commission, a new pact with the planet is now on the table. By 2030, we will have 3 targets to reach:
– 40% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions;
– 27% share for renewable energy;
– 25% improvement in energy efficiency.

New technologies are at the heart of this strategic plan aimed at reducing gas emission and fighting against climate change.
According to the IEA (International Energy Agency), energy efficiency is “a way of managing and restraining the growth in energy consumption.” For the IEA, “something is more energy efficient if it delivers more services for the same energy input, or the same services for less energy input.”
According to the World Commission on Environment and Development, sustainability means “the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”


Since the Industrial Revolution, our consumption of primary sources has never stopped increasing, especially after the 1970s oil crisis. During the past years, Asia played a major role in the growth of world energy consumption because of the Chinese and Indian economic boom.
According to various scientists (Valero, 2004), energy consumption and economic development are inextricably linked. Welfare is then based on the increase of both salaries and energy consumption per capita. However environmental and social issues cannot be addressed without reducing our energy consumption. Unfortunately regarding the current economic dynamics, it seems pretty difficult to make such adjustments (Fernandez Guell, 2004). Then the question remains: how can we reduce the harmful impact of energy use without decreasing our consumption or affecting the market?


Paradigm Shift

For Jeremy Rifkin, president of the Foundation on Economic Trends (Washington D.C., USA), the answer is to promote a sustainable low-carbon economy. This paradigm shift requires the development of new communication technologies, new energy sources (biofuel and hydrogens instead of carbon) and new transport facilities. Rifkin sees in technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) an ally to empower individuals and companies. According to him, it would help them become more responsible consumers by creating green electricity and sharing it through the Internet of Energy. Jeremy Rifkin introduces the concept of Smart Grid, the “smart electrical networks and systems.” Unlike current networks – in which electricity only goes in one direction – with these new smart networks, electricity can go both ways. Networks are still distributing electricity, but consumers are now able to create electricity themselves. Benefits are unlimited. Smart systems can identify and fix any breakdown quickly and replicate energy to critical points that cannot remain without supply, such as emergency centers for instance.
Consumers can manage efficiently their electrical consumption thanks to real time data. At a local level, the implementation of utilities – such as remote management systems – allows people to adjust their energy production to their needs. Energy distribution is automatically adapted to the demand. Additionally, Smart Grid helps maintain the environment sustainable by integrating renewable energies and facilitating the deployment of open access infrastructure – the one that permits to recharge electrical vehicles.


Adaptable Technology

Smart Grid is based on new technologies like the IoT, Big Data and Smart Data. The IoT allows us to have multiple devices connected to a network. Thanks to numerous sensors, these devices copy different types of data in real time. Big data facilitates the analysis of these data. And finally, Smart Data allows us to pick the most relevant information and generate the most accurate answer. Such process will be materialized through automatized devices. These technologies are very useful when used for intelligent construction. According to the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/UE, buildings are responsible for 40% of the total energy consumption in the European Union. Such data reveal the importance of reducing our energy consumption by encouraging the use of renewable energies in the construction sector. By doing so we will reduce the European energy dependence as well as gas emissions. According to the directive, starting from December 31, 2020 any new or rehabilitated buildings will have to have their energy consumption close to zero. Some apps, such as elec live by Trace Software, can help people and companies meet these criteria. elec live facilitates the access and visualization of electrical designs in real time thanks to connected electrical devices inside the installation. Consequently it is now possible to get accurate information about energy consumption in real time to elaborate statistics, take appropriate measures, ameliorate installations’ performance and reduce operating cost.

EL Responsive (850x350) [3]


Despite the increasing development of technologies, we are still nowadays facing barriers that prevent us from having an easy access to these tools. We now have to focus our efforts on promoting their use in order to allow professionals to be more competitive, sustainable and flexible but also ready to satisfy customers’ demand for sustainability.
Politics have to focus on promoting innovation and energy efficiency. They also have to play a crucial role in raising public awareness. Public and private sectors have to get involved in the creation of services and solutions that decrease the technological breach. They also have to pave the way for a more sustainable society that will consume 100% of green energy. The goal is not to limit gas emissions only. Environmental crisis won’t be fixed without going from a brown economy to a green one. Naomi Klein sees in this context the opportunity to build an economic system more stable, fair and sustainable that will strengthen the common good and generate decent jobs thanks to long-term policies. Countries like Germany are already aware of this reality. The emergence of a strong movement for the energy transition in which citizens, workers and small companies are in control, exemplifies this relation. German civil society is leading the second green revolution with the support of the Government. The 2030 Climate and Energy Framework and new technologies will help the rest of Europe go in the same direction.

Trace Software Announces its Participation in the COP22 in Marrakesh

BARCELONA, Spain (November 8, 2016) – [NEWS] Trace Software International and Cythelia Energy are pleased to announce their participation in the 22nd Session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22) in Marrakesh (Morocco) from November 7 to 18, 2016.

During the whole conference, we will be located in the Espace Solutions France Maroc (in the Green “Innovation Zone”) created at the initiative of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco. Along with the French delegation Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and a dozen of French companies (Axelera, Cluster éco-énergies, Tenerrdis and INES among others), we will present our solutions to limit global warming and environmental degradation.

“The COP of Action”
The COP22, also known as “the COP of action,” will focus on achieving the priorities defined by the Paris Agreement adopted on December 12th, 2015 during the COP21.
The effects of global warming are alarming:

• During the last 10 years, the ice cap in Greenland decreased by 215 billion tons per year.
• Since 1979, the surface of Arctic sea ice decreased 3.5 to 4.1% per decade.

2016 has been the hottest year ever on record. The COP22 is aimed at addressing environmental issues and providing viable solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Protecting our environment always has been at the heart of Trace Software’s strategy. We, at Trace Software, are strongly committed to offer sustainable solutions that will preserve our precious planet’s ecosystems for the benefit of the present and future generations.

Trace Software is honored to be part of this major conference that constitutes a decisive turning point in the world history.