New archelios 2017

Get now the new version of archelios™ and benefit from exceptional accuracy for your PV engineering projects design

Trace Software International are proud to announce the launching of the new version of archelios™, its market-leading PV engineering software solution for design and yield calculation.
This new version provides major evolution which perfectly meets photovoltaic professionals’ expectations: flexibility, accuracy and time savings are the keywords.
Find out in archelios Pro™ the following enhancements:

2D/3D viewer

This improvement allows easy rotation and choosing of your preferred view angle for a better perception of the organization and the components of your plants regardless of their size (from self-consumption rooftop installations to ground-mounted network injection)

2D/3D viewer in archelios 2017

Automatic group creation: a stronger team!

This new feature enables the automatic detection of PV module groups according to parameters defined by the user such as module tilt and orientation, allowing significant time gain while ensuring optimal reliability in project designing by selecting the right modules for the right inverters.

The user-friendly interface displays the newly created groups in a graphical way and with specific colors.

archelios 2017 automatic group creation

Inverter selection and integrated string wiring feature: the choice is yours!

In order to improve the project design timing and precision, inverter selection and wiring are now directly integrated within archelios Pro™. These new features allow database filtering to help choosing the right inverter(s) as well as intelligent wiring with realistic results.
Standard, optimized and customized wiring setup are available:

archelios 2017 string wiring

Thanks to the PV array configuration feature, calculation is more precise and the installation is optimized: for each single string, the impact of partial shadings and yield level are calculated, whatever the date or the time, for instant results. Based on the detailed results, the user has the possibility to set the most appropriate wiring design.

archelios 2017 shadings and yield levelarchelios 2017 yield prediction

Get more from your PV projects with archeliosPro

The classic version of archelios™ 2017 will count with these and more features, helping you achieve a professional engineering PV design for projects up to 50kWp.
The new archelios™ Pro has the capacity to calculate any project, whatever its size, with no compromise on accuracy, as well as counting with an export to AutoCAD (DXF) and Excel (CSV) files option.

archelios Pro 2017 to calculates any project

Trace Software will attend Matelec Industry 2016

Trace Software will attend Matelec 2016 and present its solutions for industry 4.0

From 25 to 28 October will take place the most important event in the electricity sector, MATELEC 2016, and Trace Software would like to invite you!

In a few days, the most important electrical event of the year, Matelec 2016, will start and Trace Software will be there with the latest releases.

You will find us in Matelec Industry 2016, dedicated exclusively to industrial automation, Pavillion 3, Stand 3D01.

Discover with us the revolution of theindustry4.0 and how Trace Software can help you in all stages of the projects, from the study to the on-line exploitation, through the 3D design and Big Data.

Trace Software value chain for the industry 4.0

Download your invitation

CODE: MI160000229CG

Visit us at our stand 3D01 in pavillion 3, we will present our latest news such as the new version of elecworks 2017, the automation of your electrical schematics or the new version of elec calc 2016, HV/LV electrical installations sizing, or the elec live to share and view elecworks and elec calc projects.

We will be glad to welcome you in our stand!


Dates: From 25 to 28 October 2016
Time: 9.30 h to 18.30 h
Stand: 3D01 Paillion 3
Location: Ifema, Madrid

elecworks™ 2017, the automation of your electrical schematics

Next 17th October Trace Software will launch the new release of elecworks 2017. This version includes new features and enhancements focused on improving performance and agility in designing your electrical and automation projects.

Designs and revisions even more complete

The elecworks users can now ensure a proper tracking of their projects thanks to new tools that will find in this new version, such as revision clouds that will identify graphically the changes made in a project according to different revisions done, or the new feature “Super parts” with which different materials are grouped under a single reference.

Automatic generation of electrical schematics

With elecworks 2017, users may generate their schemes in an automated way through an Excel file. Users can have an advanced configuration of their projects defined in a spreadsheet, so they will be able to design any standard electrical project automatically, considering different types of configurations.

Navigation in reports. A new tool to identify errors

Thanks to a new field added in reports and design rules, the user can navigate from the report to the element in the project, or from the design rules to the component with the error, for an easy identification and solution.

Re-use the data from your old software. Convert your macros

elecworks community has at its disposal a powerful engineering tool, Electrical Content Portal (ECP), where users can download manufacturers references and catalogs for using in their electrical projects. With the new version of elecworks 2017 an option has been added in the ECP for converting macros from your old software and can use them in elecworks, avoiding to re-design them. Also they can be shared with the rest of the elecworks community.

Your projects where and when you want

With an active subscription, now working in collaboration with other departments or customers will be easier than ever, thanks to elec live. A unique online application, from which you can view and share your electrical projects with suppliers, customers or other members of your company in real time and from anywhere. Accessible from any device (PC, tablet or smartphone), is a new step for companies to ensure a better preventive and predictive maintenance of facilities, or customer service, among other advantages.

Customers with active susbription will be able to download the new version from Trace Software support site or directly from the software.
Without subscription? Contact us and benefit from increased productivity.


Showing more than three languages in the electrical drawings

Do you need to show more than three languages in your electrical drawings?

By default elecworks’ projects can have tree languages at the same time:

Multilanguage option in electrical projects elecworks

Symbols can have attributes corresponding to these languages. The next example shows attributes corresponding to component’s description:

Languages attributes in symbols elecworks

This way we could have the following component in a drawing:

Component languages in elecwtrical drawings elecworks

Maybe more languages are required in the drawings. This case, the attributes corresponding to each language should be inserted using the proper suffix, for instance DE for German. The easiest way to do it is copying an existent attribute and then modify its name:

Adding a new language attribute in the electrical symbol elecworks

In order to translate these attributes manually you can go to menu: Process > Translate and fill in the corresponding fields:

Translation in elecworks

It can be done automatically using the Import option of the previous dialogue and selecting your translation database. The supported formats are xls, xlsx, mdb and sqlite.

It is shown below a table with the corresponding suffix for each language:


Language Suffix Language Suffix Language Suffix Language Suffix
Afrikaans AF English EN Italian IT Serbian SR
Albanian AL Estonian ET Japanese JA Simplified Chinese ZH
Arabic AR Finnish FI Korean KO Slovak SK
Armenian AM French FR Latvian LV Slovene SO
Belarusian BE Georgian GE Lithuanian LT Spanish ES
Bulgarian BU German DE Norwegian NO Swedish SV
Catalan CA Greek EL Persian FA Thai TH
Croatian HR Hebrew HE Polish PL Traditional Chinese ZH-TW
Czech CS Hungarian HU Portuguese PT Turkish TR
Danish DA Icelandic IC Romanian RO Ukrainian UK
Dutch NL Indonesian IN Russian RU Vietnamese VI

Using this method you will be able to show the languages you need in your drawings.


elec calc™ 2016 presentation in Belgium

Trace Software & Vinçotte will present the new release of elec calc™ in Belgium


Following to the roadshow done in France during September and October, elec calc™ arrives to Belgium!
Trace Software International and its Belgian partner, Vinçotte, will present the new version of elec calc™, with its new features such as HV/LV real time calculations, its intuitive and intelligent design mode, Intellisense or its compatibility with elec live to open and share projects when and where you want from any device.


Join us the next 19th October in Centre de congrès Vinçotte Academy, 2 sessions at your disposal:

French session: from 9.30 h to 12.00 h. Free registrations here
Dutch session: from 14.00 h to 16.30 h. Free registrations here

19th October 2016

Centre de congrès Vinçotte Academy
Parc scientifique Créalys
Rue Phocas Lejeune, 11
5032 Les Isnes –GEMBLOUX

If you want to know more about this new version, please, read the full article about the launching of elec calc™