elecworks for ptc creo for an electrical design 3D

elecworks for PTC® Creo®: Increased Collaboration Between Electrical and Mechanical Design

Trace Software becomes a PTC PartnerAdvantage™ partner and develops a new electrical CAD solution, elecworks™ for PTC Creo®, specifically designed to enable collaboration between electrical and mechanical departments.

Saint Romain, France, November 5th Trace Software International, a leading electrical CAD developer company established in 1987, announced today the launching of elecworks™ for PTC Creo® targeted for PTC users who require an electrical and mechanical design integration. This launch follows Trace Software’s acceptance into the PTC® PartnerAdvantage™ Program at the Silver Tier.

elecworks for ptc creo for an electrical design 3D

Electrical and Mechanical Departments Closer Than Ever

elecworks™ for PTC Creo® dynamically links 2D schematics to PTC Creo® enabling placement within panel or machinery of electrical controls. elecworks™ for PTC Creo® ensures a real-time bidirectional link between 2D schematics and 3D PTC models, which is an important advantage for PTC users. This means that anything done in 2D schematics is automatically updated and available in 3D drawings. An internal software chat enables seamless communication between team members within software 2D or 3D.

elecworks™ for PTC Creo® ensures matching through unified BOM, and automatically routes and interconnects as per 2D schematics. Use of PTC Creo® routing ensures best routing options as per schematics specifications.

electrical schematics 2D integrated within PTC Creo for a 3D design

Eliminate Hidden Costs and Save Time in Project Design

This new software solution marks a breakthrough for the project design because both electrical and mechanical teams can now work in parallel resulting in significant time savings. In addition, designers can have better visualization of overall product design before manufacturing and avoid unnecessary costs due to missed errors in preliminary stages.

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