Design Spark Electrical presented at Engineering Design Show

Workshop: Overcoming challenges with Design Spark Electrical

From 21st to 22nd October, a new edition of Engineering Design Show has been taken place in Coventry, UK.
Our partner, RS Components has been there (stand F9) to show their solutions and Design Spark family, and presenting his recent launching, Design Spark Electrical, a new free electrical CAD tool aimed to electrical designer engineers developed by Trace Software.

Design Spark Electrical developed by Trace Software

Being aware of the challenges and needs of the electrical designers, RS Components held the workshop “Overcoming challenges faced by electrical system designers”:

The working life of electrical designers is filled with many challenges. RS Components, through their DesignSpark Programme, have researched and analysed those challenges and are now providing a solution. Following the huge success of their free CAD solutions for PCB design and 3D solid modelling, this latest solution will support the design process for electrical engineers around the world. The barriers to acquisition of electrical CAD have been removed giving access to fast and accurate design to every engineer.

During this session, attendees learnt:

  1. The need for Electrical CAD
  2. The reasons why many electrical designers do not have access to it
  3. The unsuitable design solutions many engineers are forced to use
  4. What RS are offering as a free powerful electrical CAD solution
  5. The key features and benefits of this solution

Read more about the partnership between RS Components and Trace Software for developing Design Spark Electrical.

Project creation using a previous bill of materials – elecworks tips and tricks


There are some projects where the initial data is a Bill of Material. For that elecworks has the “Import Data” feature, which enables to obtain directly the “Components tree” of your project in an easy, quick and simple way.

Project created from bill of materials bom elecworks


Note: If your BOM has descriptions in more than one language, it is necessary to configure these languages in your project (3 maximum) before to start the “Import data” process.

Project language configuration elecworks

To create the “component tree” of an elecworks project using and initial BOM (in “*.xls”) you have to use the “Import Data” option from elecworks’ “Import/Export” menu.

Import data menu elecworks

By selecting this option, you go through the following steps.
Start by selecting the data source. Simply click on the BOM file in “*.xls” or “*.txt”, and then hit Open.

Select bill of materials elecworks

Select data source elecworks

Next you have to define the data range and the data type to be imported into the project. For this, select the “component” type and the Excel sheet where the Bill of Material data is located.

Definition data range elecworks

Then, it is necessary to mark the title row as the header of the columns, of this materials list.

In addition, the fields’ mapping will be required. In this dialog box the correlation between BOM’s columns and the elecworks’ components fields will be established. Nothing is simpler, just select the correct component’s field, drag it from the left hand side list and drop in the correct BOM’s column, on your right hand side. The assignment between elecworks components and the BOM’s columns will be seen in the object and field rows. Don’t worry if you go wrong in selecting the column, just start the selection of the field again.

Component field elecworks

It is necessary to remark that, by default, the component description corresponds to the . You need to use this component field for each description by selecting the correct language in the drop-down menu.

Component description elecworks

If you have configured the languages correctly, you will have the option to select the correct language for each component description, during the drag and drop operation, to make the association.

Selection language description elecworks

After this mapping process, in the next dialog box, you have to run a check on the data to be imported, by clicking on “Compare” button. This process produces a *.txt file where you can see the number of the components which will be added in the project’s component tree and all the component tags and their descriptions.

Data comparison elecworks

Note: If you include manufacturer and reference information in the import process be sure that the information in the excel file matches with the information in elecworks library.
If not, the references will be created only at project level and without the library properties. In addition you have the risk of add “new” references when you edit them at component level.

To finish the import process, select the “Import” option. Then, the components will appear automatically in your project components tree with their tags and descriptions in the corresponding languages.

Components inserted automatically elecworks

Note: The components will be placed in the default location and default function of the project.

You can then multiple select the relevant components and change their location &/or function as necessary.

If you need a personalized project structure, with the components placed directly in the correct location and in the correct function, the import excel file can be prepared with separate sheets, one for functions, second for locations and a third for components. For this you need to start with the mapping of functions and locations first and then, do the mapping for components, in the same import process.

Import location & function elecworksComponents association location & function elecworks

After mapping the functions’ fields, “Add a data range” to import the locations and then the components in the same import data process.

New data range elecworks

And you have to do the same process before selecting the rest of the sheets of the excel file.

Select components functions elecworks

So you will have the components’ location and function as columns in the right hand side as seen below.

Components functions locations elecworks

Now, you “Compare” and then “Import”.
The result will be your project tree with the required project structure.
For example (highlighted in yellow color below):
Motor M02 is performing the function F2 and is placed in the location L1.

Component tree complete elecworks

With the components tree created, you can create all the reports that you need, assign manufacturer parts references from your libraries and insert the components in a drawing as symbols, by using a right click on a component and then selecting the option “insert symbol”.

Insert symbol schematic drawing elecworks


If you use this simple feature to start your projects, you can reduce the number of errors in your project. You will make your projects faster, improve your design efficiency and increase your ROI benefits.


archelios calc 7.0

New release for archelios Calc: IEC standard compliant

A new Archelios Calc 7.0 release is now available for download from the support area of our website. It brings a major change for all users : archelios calc is now compliant with the IEC standard and integrates this standard for the sizing of all photovoltaic installation. Adapted to the international market, archelios calc is now available with a new interface in English.

archelios calc 7.0

The version 7.0 includes the IEC standard. At the launch of a project the user can choose the IEC standard for its project, in addition to other standard currently available.

To support this development on the international market, the Archelios calc interface is available in English. The user selects the interface language when opening the project. Archelios calc enables the generation of a full project report as requested for the control of the installation.

Archelios calc, previously named Solar Calc, works in conjunction with archelios pro, the other photovoltaic design tool for performing project simulations and analysis of production and investment.

Trace Software reinforces its Archelios suite range and strives to provide better integration between the two solutions. An export function in Archelios pro enables the users to retrieve their projet so as to finalize the electrical sizing in Archelios calc. But this integration will continue. The target remains to facilitate the work of installers through complementary solutions for time-saving purposes and an economic optimization of the installation.

Customers with active subscription can download the new version from the support area of Trace Software.
Without subscription? Contact us and benefit from increased productivity.

Trace Software at Matelec Latinoamérica 2015

Trace Software will be present at Matelec Latinoamerica 2015

From 7 to 9 October 2015, Trace Software will be present at Matelec Latinoamerica held in Santiago, Chile. This exhibition will be held at the same time of Genera Latinoamerica, specific show for renewable energies.

Trace Software and its partner Metacontrol will be at stand 476-MAT.

Download your invitation

Trace Software at Matelec Latinoamérica 2015

Our team will take the opportunity to show to the attendees the latest releases and specific software solutions for:

• Electrical and automation design
• P&ID design
• Harness design
• Electrical calculation
• Photovoltaic installations calculation
• Photovoltaic sizing


From 7 to 9 October 2015. From 10 h to 18.00 h (Friday 10 h – 17.00 h)
Stand 476-MAT
Place: Espacio Riesco, Santiago, Chile

Trace Software at Elec Expo (Morocco)

Trace Software will attend Elec Expo organized by FENELEC (Fédération Nationale de l’Electricité, de l’Electronique et des Energies Renouvelables) in the international fair of Casablanca (Morocco) from 7 to 10 October 2015.

Order your free admission badge on the organizer’s website by clicking here. Find our stand (J20) and meet us!

For the duration of the exhibition, we will be happy to welcome you (booth # J20). Trace Software subsidiary in Morocco with Mr. Mehdi Bouikhif and Mr. Ivan Elidrissi, Regional Sales Manager in France, will be available for any information about our products and services.

Trace Software at Elec Expo 2015