Title block customization – elecworks™ Tips & Tricks

Customizing projects in elecworks™ often involves the insertion of logos in the title block.


First, it is important to make a copy of the title blocks provided with the software and rename them so that there is no risk of substituting the original title block.

From the context menu of the project, you can add it to the library and assign it a new name.


 Adding the title block to the library in elecworks
 Creating a new title block in elecworks



Customize the name, description, and class of your title block.


 Customizing the title block in elecworks
You can then edit it from the title block manager.
* Insert logo

Inserting a picture is done with the command. Insert image command in elecworks The image file must be opened in Paint when inserting into elecworks™
 Logo insertion in the title block in elecworks ==> Insert image command in elecworks







 Logo insertion window in elecworks
 Customized title block in elecworks
If the image is not open in Paint, you will get a box with the file name.

 How to solve image problem in title block in elecworks

You simply need to replace your project title blocks by the newly created one.


 Customized title block insertion into elecworks projects


This method of customization of your title blocks with your logos or of your customers’ title blocks in different languages and with different formats enables you to adapt to each project you are dealing with.

elec calc 3.4.5 new release

30/05/2013This new release brings enhancements to electrical calculations, in particular on the following points:

• Improved management of 1 pole breaking capacity in IT.
• Optimization of external LV power supply management.
• Taking into account single-phase alternators.
• Development of protection capabilities with regards to inverters.
• Improved management of equipotential wire when the circuit has multiple cables.

This version is available for all our customers with a subscription for download on our website with your license number (click here for direct access).

Elec Calc™ works also with additional modules, do not hesitate to contact us:
• A selectivity by curves module for a dynamic multi-manufacturer study.
• A discrimination module for an economical breakers choice.
• An export module to Excel for an easy use of your data.
• An export module to elecworks™ / SolidWorks Electrical to automatically multi-line diagrams and to integrate the control part of your projects.

elec calc 3.6.2 new version and its enhancements

elec calc 3.6.2 new release01/06/15 – elec calc 3.6.2 release and the new features

  • Enter the number of conductors: it is no longer possible to enter 0
  • The checkbox BE3: the explosion hazard becomes accessible regardless of the selected installation method.
  • Manufacturers’ Catalogs & updates :

– Schneider: 5.0H and 7.0H micrologic supplements, ranges GV2LE and P25M
– Eaton / Moeller: PKE circuit breakers
– Emerson / Leroy Somer: UNIDRIVE Mxx drives
– Vacon: 100 FLOW drives
– Rockwell: circuit breakers 1489-M, 1492-PMS

Download of the elec calc version 3.6.2

This version is available for customers with an active subscription. Just click on this link and enter license & company information: http://forms.trace-software.com/support/fr/upds.asp?product=tci

The catalog updates and the software application update can be downloaded separately:

To request for a quote for an upgrade or for a subscription, write to us at commercial@trace-software.com.

Manufacturer information in the cabinet layout – elecworks Tips & Tricks

Do you need manufacturer information in the cabinet layout?
With elecworks you can handle this situation as follows!


1) Create a connection label with the attributes you need. Go to Library menu>Symbols manager, select the class Miscellaneous\Connetion lables and create a new symbol that can be named Cabinet_material_label:

 elecworks connection labels attribute
The Symbol type must be Connection label. You can define the symbol as follows:

elecworks symbol type connection label
• Note: Use the top left point of the symbol as insertion point.
If necessary you can do a copy of the symbol adding a header:

elecworks symbol copy with header
2) Insert connection labels in the cabinet layout. Select the Components browser of the project:

elecworks connection labels insertion
Choose the component you need>right click>choose the option Insert connection label for components:

elecworks insert connection label for components
Select the Other symbol button and insert the connection label with header:

elecworks Other symbol connection label
Repeat the process using the connection label without header:

elecworks connection label table
Also you can do it for the components on the door:

elecworks door components table


With this method elecworks allows you to generate a more detailed and complete documentation for your cabinet layouts. This way you can create higher quality projects!

Cabling order optimization


For panel or cabinet builders, reports are normally used to cable the panel/cabinet instead of the schemes, especially in big projects.
These reports must be sorted out according to the place of the components in the panel/cabinet.
Until now, users make this kind of reports manually.
elecworks™ allows the automatic generation of this type of report, just using the command to optimize wire cabling order.




For this scheme




Part of an electrical scheme



By default, the cabling order is in the same order as drawn here, for 515 equipotential.


How to optimize the cabling order


As the image shows, two wires are needed to cable the same equipotential from the panel/cabinet to the door: but this is wrong, as there must be just only one.
To optimize the cabling order, just run the command to optimize wire cabling order.

Optimize wire cabling order menu


The new cabling order is sorted by location and mark.

Equipotential optimized with wire cabling order optimization command

Now you just have only one wire from the panel/cabinet to the door.



This command enables the company to:

• Save time, as the order is done automatically and the reports can be done from this cabling order
• Save money due to the cabling optimization
• Improve the performance


Trace Software International selected by DS Solidworks for the new product Solidworks Electrical

SolidWorks Electrical will enable users to integrate electrical design into the 3D mechanical model to create efficiently a better design.

Saint Romain de Colbosc, France – Aug. 1st, 2012 — By this agreement signed with Trace Software International, DS SolidWorks, a world leader in 3D solutions adds a new specialty to its portfolio of products. Elecworks™, electrical CAD software developed by Trace Software International and SolidWorks Gold Certified product since 2010, will be sold as SolidWorks Electrical.

SolidWorks Electrical design software has been specifically designed for customers who need to create complete electrical systems and automation projects from 2D schematics up to 3D design and to integrate electrical data within their mechanical process. This seamless integration of mechanical and electrical workflow improves team coordination for a better design and dramatically increases productivity with reduced design and production times.

Both electrical and mechanical designs can proceed simultaneously with real-time data sharing. The 3D implementation allows early identification of the need for adjustments in a project and the prevention of component collision. Thanks to the 3D automated wiring feature, SolidWorks Electrical simplifies the wiring process: 3D panel or machine wiring is carried out automatically using the shortest possible appropriate route, providing precise wire length calculations. This process can also be applied to harness design for the embedded industry. Electrical component management is achieved through an advanced integration within SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.

Since elecworks™ launch in 2009, customers have commented about its friendliness, its no-learning curve and its time-saving tools: undo / redo command, smart copy-paste of repetitive drawing parts, smooth project navigation… It also provides electrical engineers with specific dedicated tools: cable synoptic for a project preview, single-line and multi-wire drawing integration, automated generation of PLCs drawings, connection label insertion to locate all connection information for a device in a single glance, automatic generation of harness flatten route view, highly realistic 3D wire view showing separate wires in a duct, etc. It also has another special time-saving feature: a direct access to TracePartsOnline.net* portal to download “smart” electrical components. These components are able to auto-position themselves on DIN rails and are supplied with previously defined connection points used for the automatic component wiring.

Trace Software International continues elecworks sales and development reinforced with new comer offer SolidWorks Electrical by SolidWorks VARs.

DS SolidWorks will initially sell SolidWorks Electrical through selected SolidWorks VARs in specific geographic areas such as United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Elecworks continues to be available for SolidWorks customers in other areas (Asia pacific and Latin America) and is still globally marketed as elecworks™ for non-SolidWorks equipped customers or customers wishing to implement only 2D schematics design. Trace Software will keep on selling worldwide elecworks to electrical and automation engineering offices and to non SolidWorks users’ companies.

The 2D-3D integration of electrical design provided within SolidWorks Electrical offers our customers improved quality and decreased time-to-market,” said Fielder Hiss, Vice President of Product Management, SolidWorks. “This agreement is recognition of the high level of integration of our product with SolidWorks and the result of our commitment to offer the same benefits of working in 3D for electrical engineers” declares Dr Pedro Puig, General Manager, Trace Software International.

*TraceParts is a worldwide leader in online part catalogs with over 1.3 million registered users to its free portalTracePartsOnline.net

About Trace Software International
Founded in 1989, Trace Software International provides design and management software solutions for the industrial automation and power distribution markets. Trace Software International has an outstanding track record of innovation and provides advanced customer-focused solutions. Partner to SolidWorks, Trace Software International is present worldwide and markets its product range through its subsidiaries, distribution channel and worldwide reseller networks. With a head office in France, Trace Software International has offices in Michigan (USA), Shanghai (China) and Barcelona (Spain). Its sister company TraceParts is a world expert in 3D Engineering Content, developing and marketing software solutions for CAD part libraries, electronic catalogs and product configurators.
Additional information about the company is available at: www.trace-software.com
Additional information about elecworks™ is available at: www.elecworks.com
Additional information about TraceParts is available at: www.traceparts.com

About Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp.
Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp., a Dassault Systèmes S.A. subsidiary, is a world leader in 3D solutions that help millions of engineers and designers succeed through innovation. Our products deliver an intuitive experience in product design, simulation, publishing, data management, and environmental impact assessment. For the latest news, information, or an online demonstration, visit our Web site (www.3ds.com/solidworks) or call 1-800-693-9000 (outside of North America, call +1-781-810-5011).

SolidWorks is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation in the US and other countries. Other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective owners. © 2012 Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp.

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elecworks™ 2013 for optimized design

11/04/2013 – elecworks™ 2013 R2 brings many improvements to speed up the design process. There are new filters to accelerate search and new entities or symbols to adapt to specific in-house processes.

elecworks 2013 release for optimized electrical design

elecworks 2013 release for optimized electrical design

Special copy – paste and renumbering of the terminals in the terminal strip

The design is accelerated by the introduction of a copy – paste special command, to paste in the same project or in another one, all that is present inside the selection box. A dialog box proposes to define the action to be taken for each type of object in this context (to create or not a new  location mark, to delete or not the wire numbers, etc.). This copy-paste special command can be applied to a folio or an entire project. The user can of course check technical features to change them at any time. With this feature, you can copy an entire panel layout in a few clicks!

Another unique time saving tool to use for an optimized design is a new command in the terminal strip management that allows you to sort the terminals then to renumber the selected terminals according to 3 criteria of your choice (positioning, tracking or connection).

Search filters for direct access

New filters have been developed to facilitate the search:

  • A search function of a component in the component tree on the left allows you to quickly find what you are looking for.
  • In the Project Manager, the introduction of search criteria, for example part of the project name to reduce the list of projects displayed and quickly find that we are looking for.
  • A “find and replace” command in the translation of texts helps you quickly find a text and possibly replace it wherever you want.

Respecting in-house standards

With the introduction of new entities or symbols and a greater flexibility in project documents, import-export, internal company standards can be easily respected. For example, the new object “mask” removes certain schematic entities without cutting lines to obtain an aerospace-type drawing. A mask can be inserted together with the 2D panel thumbnail, to hide the rail, and still count the rail in your BOM. elecworks™ 2013 R2 version also introduces a new type of symbol called “passive symbol”. Without electrical characteristics, such as a ground symbol, it is stored in the library to be inserted in a drawing.

Management of project documents and import-export also changes with this new version. Generated files (BOM, text and excel export) can be added to the project as data files by the “add file created project” that allows you to select the directory in which the user wants to save. Export in PDF format changes: the project tree is stored as bookmarks. When importing DWG file, it is now possible to add to the library the templates and symbols that are not yet present.

Onboard elecworks for embedded systems and Elecworks Education

Finally, elecworks 2013 R2 version brings the following changes:

  • The introduction of an educational version with a specific offer, exclusively for the world of education.
  • Elecworks interface is now available in Japanese (the 11th language available).
  • The release of a version elecworks Onboard for the design of embedded systems in the aerospace, automotive, rail and naval sectors : introduction of wire labels and equipotential labels, data can assigned on lines, option on contours location to meet the need for labels, etc.

Integration of semi-conductor fuses into elec calc

07/11/2013 – The new release of elec calc™ 3.4.6 includes installations with semi-conductor fuses:

  • Taking into account fuses with gR and aR characteristics.
  • Addition of manufacturer parts for this type of fuses (Mersen, Siemens).
  • After choosing a manufacturer reference, get the curves of (I²t vs I) energetic representation*, to help with the installation optimization.

(* It is available in the complete version of the standard package, you do need the selectivity module to get the curve display).

Curves Fuses uR

Curves Fuses uR

Synoptique avec les fusibles ultra-rapides

Synoptic within elec calc™ with semi-conductor fuses

This version is now available for all our customers with a subscription for download on our website with your license number (click here for direct access).

elec calc™ works also with additional modules, do not hesitate to contact us:

  • A selectivity y curves module for a dynamic multi-manufacturer study.
  • A discrimination module for an economical breakers choice.
  • An export module to Excel for an easy use of your data.
  • An export module to elecworks™ / SolidWorks Electrical to automatically multi-line diagrams and to integrate the control part of your projects.


New premises for Trace Software in France and Spain

04/04/2014 –  Trace Software expands ! The Barcelona office has just moved into new larger premises. Here is their new address:
Aceri-Trace Software
Via Augusta 48-54 5º5ª
08006 Barcelone
The phone number does not change : +34 934 531 206

Trace Software Barcelona offices

Trace Software headquarters in St Romain near Le Havre in France also expands. A new building will be completed soon. It is an extension of the existing building. If the heardquarters’ address does not change, we have however a new fax number:
Trace Software International
Parc Eco Normandie
76430 St Romain de Colbosc
Phone : +33 (0)2 32 79 44 24
Fax : +33 (0)2 22 44 89 56


Trace Software and elecworks™ collaboration for the Magallanes Project

29/04/2014 – Trace Software International with its electrical CAD solution, elecworks™, collaborates with Vigo University for the Magallanes project. This project unique in Spain, is using elecworks™, the most powerful and intuitive available solution, to develop the electrical design of this revolutionary project.

Trace Software International, in its corporate social responsibility plan, is highly committed to ensure the future of society and the environment, in order to improve the quality of life of people. Our company’s goals are to provide high quality products to our customers, to offer collaborative opportunities for student-training at educational institutions, and to participate in unique projects that reduce the environmental impact.

The Magallanes project involves the design and construction of a high-stability experimental floating platform to support two electrical hydro generators which are able to generate, up to 1MW of power from tidal waves of more than 1.5 m/s.

Floating Platform Magallanes Project

Our joint efforts with the Electronic Technology department of the Vigo University, a leader in development of unique projects related to renewable energy, give a boost to these new and pioneering projects that help in environmental conservation, by harnessing the renewable energy efficiently. The easy-to-use software, elecworks™, generally used for electrical and automation projects creation, will now be used to design the electrical part of this floating platform.

Electrical schematics with elecworks, Magallanes Project

Keeping in mind that the future of such studies is highly dependent on its energy efficiency, Trace Software is proud to collaborate with the Magallanes project, to achieve generation of electricity on the range of 1 MW, from perennial tidal waves, a 100% renewable energy. Tidal wave energy is increasing its presence in the renewable energy field due to its extraordinary potential, high predictability and low environmental impact.

Video presentation of Magallanes Project: