Useful elec calc shortcuts – elec calc tips and tricks


Useful shortcuts

* To add a justification associated with an anomaly, use the contextual menu on the message in the circuit characteristics’ dialog box.

* To enter the wire length easily just move the mouse cursor over the wire while holding down the Shift and Ctrl keys.


* The power balance: you can set the total load of a distributor rather than fill in all circuits.

* You can define conductor sizing rules to optimize the automatic design of the installation.
(Menu Preferences / Settings)

* To select only objects entirely within the selection window, set the outline by dragging the cursor from left to right.

* Shortcut to select all the elements of an installation: Ctrl+A

* You can enter the electrical characteristics of each component of an installation through the explorer.

* You can set links for an element to another to facilitate the layout while maintaining electrical continuity.