Zoom into the electrical drawing – elecworks Tips & Tricks





How works the zoom into the electrical drawing?

Zooming in elecworks ™ is realized through the mouse wheel, but do you know that it is possible to adjust the zoom speed and the direction of the zoom in the TOOLS menu> SETUP INTERRFACE> GRAPHICAL OPTION

As the online software help can be a local aid (offline) or on  internet (online). It is also possible to obtain documentation by the HELP> DOCUMENTATION menu, a Windows directory containing all documentation appears (local disk: Program FileselecworksDocumentation).

Electrical project customization – elecworks Tips & Tricks

Changing the Project Record Card’s Descriptions

Out of the box, elecworks™ has pre-defined descriptions for entering data about the project.
However, you may want to customize the descriptions so that they mean something to your business.

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When a new project is created, the user is faced with the following dialogue box where information is entered about the project such as the contract number, customer, site reference etc.However because the descriptions are generic, you may find that different engineers fill in the information in a different annotation order or miss vital information off completely. Therefore if we change the prompts to meaningful descriptions, each engineer will always fill in the information correctly.

Select Customize

Highlight User data 1 as an example and you will note that you can change the prompt to the right of the dialogue in the section Data Properties. Just double click on the English label.
In this example, we are going to change the prompt to Site Reference.
You can edit, add or delete user data and save it as a company standard.

Trace Software and Cythelia announce a partnership around Solar Calc and Archelios

 Trace Software, software publisher of Solar Calc™ and Cythelia, software publisher of Archelios™, announce their collaboration in the domain of design and calculation of photovoltaic installations for the international market.