The BIM Revolution: French Insights

Unlike other industries, the Engineering & Construction sectors have been slow to adopt new technologies, until BIM arrived.

BIM is the digital revolution within the construction world. A revolution ready to disrupt the industry, automate and revolutionize it, as well as bringing significant saving in time and costs and quality. BIM, stands for “Building Information Modelling” – is a working environment, a value creating collaboration during the whole project cycle.

The Building Information Model – the digital description of each aspect of the building process, is one of the key elemental outputs of the process, aimed to create a more efficient construction sector.

The concept of BIM and its practicalities have been taken up at different rates by different countries and different professional levels. According to the Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Design, Construction and Operations II (Galliano- Garrigos):

“France, with 38% adoption, is the only country where the rate of adoption of engineers (44%) is slightly ahead of architects (40%) “ 

The French national strategy for digitizing the construction industry called ‘Plan for the digital transition in the building industry’, released in April 2017, identifies standardization and pre-standardization as being essential for the success of the digital transition within the industry and places France in a leadership position amongst the European countries. At this stage of the BIM official implementation is fundamental to create a principle framework.



The document highlights the following benefits:


– Better quality of exchanged data
– Optimization of deadlines
– More effective data sharing processes
– Minimizing errors and conflicts
– Reduction in overall costs


BIM is not something new, it existed for a long time even if many countries are just starting to consider it now driven by several economic and environmental factors.


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