Trace Software Unique approach on PVBIM

archelios™ O&M: PVBIM Most Innovative Approach

PVBIM is the Building Information Modelling (BIM) concept applied to Photovoltaics and Trace Software is at the forefront of this area with archelios™ PVBIM.

archelios™ suite PVBIM projects:

· Use 3D mock-ups along with physical and electrical characteristics.

· Work with BIM&CO, the newest collaborative platform where all digital modelling players can create, publish, contribute and use BIM objects – PV modules mock-ups are stored in BIM&CO.

From data consistently flow, planning and feasibility studies to calculation and sizing that link with construction, operations and maintenance, completing the circle. PVBIM file is used throughout all the archelios™ suite software:

· Save significant time editing and avoid errors.

· Easy-to-use 2D/3D Viewer/editor providing exceptional interactivity.

· No need for any re-entering or recapturing data, changes are propagated as necessary.

The growth of the PV industry depends on a strong relationship between software and engineering innovations that go together, that´s why we constantly drive forward software solutions for industry.